Rosemary Orange Gin Fizz

  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, we had such a great little four day break! We went away to my parents from Friday until last night and just had a… Continue reading

DIY Swarovski Headband

I have been due for a designer DIY so when my cousin sent me a picture and asked me if I could make her something similar for her prom I was excited to get moving!… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in April

  1. Urban Outfitters Raining Petals Statement Necklace. I am so obsessed with this, I wear it with everything from work outfits, maxi dresses, t-shirts etc it looks stunning with everything and is currently… Continue reading

Video Craft: Pop Up Flower Cards

This card is always really popular year after year on the blog so I thought this year I would help you guys even more by making a video showing how to make it!… Continue reading

Instalife 4/5 – 4/26

Find & follow me on Instagram to see these pictures in real time and, as always, click on a set of photos to enlarge them! See my past Instalife posts here. 1. I… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

As we set out this year armed with last year’s checklist, I figured I may as well add some things to the list that I forgot and share some more pictures for an… Continue reading

Aztec Flower Pots

While my husband and I were checking out at the Dollar Store last week {last minute stuff for the niece!} I spotted these white terra cotta flower pots and snagged a few. They… Continue reading

Our Easter

I hope that all of you who celebrate Easter had a great one this weekend. Ours was perfect, even more so because my husband and I each had Friday and Monday off from… Continue reading

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

The big day is finally here, Vrai Magazine is live! We have been working so hard working up to this day and it has definitely paid off, I know you guys are going… Continue reading

Sea Bass in Cilantro Tapioca Pistou

We made this dish for New Year’s Eve as our big meal and I couldn’t wait to make it again once spring hit and the fava beans, sea bass and artichokes were in… Continue reading

Instalife 3/1 – 4/4

Find & follow me on Instagram to see these pictures in real time and, as always, click on a set of photos to enlarge them! See my past Instalife posts here. 1. Sebastian has… Continue reading

Easy Burp Cloths

I wanted to make a little something extra to go with the receiving blankets I made for my baby shower gift to one of my husband’s co-workers. I really didn’t have the time… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in March

1.  The Original Beauty Blender. I have been eyeing this for a while and tried one of the cheaper imitation ones and it just didn’t work. My husband talked me in to biting the… Continue reading

DIY Blueprint Juice Cleanse

After a particularly indulgent weekend away, I needed something to give my system a reboot and get me back on track and so I wanted to try a juice cleanse. I didn’t want… Continue reading

Self-Binding Receiving Blankets

After my last Instagram post my mom sent me a text saying that my comment about the baby quilt I was making was going to get people thinking I was pregnant. As I… Continue reading

No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal

I saw this on Yahoo a few days ago and thought it was intriguing enough to give it a shot. I liked the idea of it because it’s a no-cook, no-recipe, power-packed breakfast… Continue reading

Potato Skins Mac & Cheese

You may remember this dish from my Superbowl Food & Cocktail roundup and it was the one dish I picked out to make for ourselves for the big game. We love making our own… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in February

1. Essie “Matte About You” Topcoat. I was so excited a couple of years ago when they started making matte nail polishes but since you couldn’t use a top coat, my manicures lasted about… Continue reading

Giveaway Winner!

A big thank you to everyone who entered my latest giveaway, Lisa B. was the winner of the personalized clay dish! I’m looking forward to hitting our next 1,000 followers so I can do… Continue reading

Instalife 1/11 – 2/28

Find & follow me on Instagram to see these pictures in real time and, as always, click on a set of photos to enlarge them! 1. This was a little haul I got at… Continue reading