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Bolognese Sauce

The thing I was most excited about when my parents got me Martha Stewart’s Cooking School for Christmas was being able to learn how to make things I’d never done before. There’s a… Continue reading

Beef Wellington with Roasted Vegetables

This was the main course in the dinner I cooked for my husband and I this past weekend (posts on the first course can be found here, second course here) and it was… Continue reading

Restaurant Steaks with Compound Butter

This will be my first of three menu ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Dinner menu, and it happens to be my favorite! My husband and I love dining out at steakhouses but with… Continue reading

Sparky’s Quick and Easy Chili

Starting when I was in high school my dad would make this chili (my dad is Sparky, by the way).. and it was always one of my favorite meals he made. I hadn’t… Continue reading

BBQ Chili with Cheesy Biscuits

My husband loves this recipe, he’s had me make it for him on his birthday every year since we started dating. It’s incredible easy to make and perfect to warm you up once… Continue reading