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Anniversary Dinner: Decor

¬†Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Since people are still talking about the dinner I planned for our first anniversary, I thought I’d dedicate all the posts this… Continue reading

Organizing DVDs

I have just started the LONG process of turning half of our basement into a workroom for myself. I have a lot of problems to solve along the way so I thought I… Continue reading

Menu Board

I know I haven’t done a home tip in a while, but this is a really good one. Creating a menu board for your kitchen is a really helpful way to solve a… Continue reading

Sewing Organization

I just started sewing back in October and since diving into that side of crafting I’ve come to one conclusion: it takes over your house! I quickly figured out that with all the… Continue reading

Space Saving Wall Bar

We live in a townhouse, so I am always looking for ways to save space without giving anything up… so when it came time to put in a bar this was heaven-sent. We… Continue reading

Packing Up Christmas Trees

As the holiday season has come and gone, I know most of us have been dealing with the painstaking task of taking down and storing our Christmas trees. I thought it may be… Continue reading

Baking With Kids

My mom had the day off from work on Thursday so she came into town with my beautiful niece, Madi. We had such a fun day playing games and riding the rides at… Continue reading

Coupon Organizing Tip

As we all start finishing up our Christmas shopping, I know that if all of you are anything like me we are using more coupons now than we do all year long. I’m… Continue reading

Kitchen Aid Deluxe Edition

While thinking about what to do for a home tip this week, this one seemed like a no brainer. A few Christmases ago, my parents bought me my first Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s… Continue reading

Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I know a lot of your are probably getting ready to start putting up your trees and decorating your houses. We put ours up yesterday and I took… Continue reading

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

By now I’m hoping everyone has their menus planned so the food part of Thanksgiving is taken care of but I know some of you may be looking for quick and easy ways… Continue reading

My New Home Office

I just want to start out by saying that I cannot take credit for a large part of this room… I follow another blog and fell in love with her desk set up,… Continue reading

Makeup Vanity

This is one of my all-time favorite gifts I have ever received, mostly because it gets used every single day! My mother-in-law got this for me last Christmas, and I honestly don’t know… Continue reading

Perfume & Cologne Cubes

I am always searching for different ways to “store” things in our home. Now a days, perfume and cologne bottles have a lot of time spent on design and can look really beautiful,… Continue reading

Produce Tips

I know it’s really easy once you get home from your grocery store or your farmer’s market to take all of the produce you just purchased and shove it in the fridge and… Continue reading

Pet Organizing Tips

We have two miniature pinschers and I’m always looking for creative ways to keep all of their stuff organized. From their food and treats, to their grooming items, toys and leashes their stuff… Continue reading

Outdoor Decor Ideas for Halloween

For this weeks home tip I thought I’d just give you a bunch of ideas I’ve used over the years for decorating the stoop in front of our house for Halloween. I like… Continue reading

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

We live in a townhouse with a good sized kitchen, but hardly ANY counter and cabinet space. Since I spend so much time in it, I am always looking for ways to save… Continue reading