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April Favorite Things

You’ll see a common theme in my favorite things this month as I am in full-on spring cleaning mode! I have been making a huge effort to really simplify everything in our home.… Continue reading

We Bought a House!

It feels so good to type that and read it out loud! We had been in our townhouse for the last 8 years (renting!!) and it seemed like we would never be able… Continue reading

Dressing Room Inspiration

We are in the process of looking for a new house which is half as excited as it is stressful. Through the process it has given me a lot of time to think… Continue reading

Modern Calendar

Organization is my thing. My friends, family + coworkers all poke fun but, to me, being organized keeps me sane. I keep my Kate Spade planner for all the heavy lifting but I also… Continue reading

Starting 2015 with a Clean Slate

When the season ended a few days before the New Year and the holiday madness settled down for me, I could not believe how unorganized my life felt. It seemed like things I… Continue reading

Silver + Gold Christmas Tree

I did a post when I first started the blog with some tips + tricks I use for our Christmas tree but I realized it is probably a good time to update things!… Continue reading

Last Minute Thanksgiving Inspiration

I am happy to say we have FINALLY dug out from the monster storm that has us stuck in our home for 5 days. Yesterday, the driving ban was lifted and I was… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

As we set out this year armed with last year’s checklist, I figured I may as well add some things to the list that I forgot and share some more pictures for an… Continue reading

Winter Home Tips

This winter has already been an especially harsh one, especially in New York where were are bracing for yet another huge storm that’s coming our way today. As we’ve been dealing with the elements… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Food & Cocktail Ideas

Sometimes it’s tough finding new and exciting recipes for Thanksgiving since it’s tradition to serve the usual suspects, but I have round up a whole bunch of amazing recipes to add some excitement to your holiday… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to do some inspiration for your decor! I’ll include ideas for outdoors, indoors and your tables plus share some… Continue reading

Decorating for Halloween + Giveaway Winner!

As October is cruising along, I’m sure a lot of you are looking for some inspiration for your Halloween decorations! I thought a fun home tip post would be to share some things… Continue reading

Home Tip: Decorating Up

After converting the basement into my sewing studio (read a little about that HERE), I spent a lot of time thinking about how to decorate a space that you can’t use the walls.… Continue reading

Home Tip: Juicers

We have talked getting a juicer for a long time now but decided to hold off until this summer when our farmer’s market was open and we could get our hands on the… Continue reading

Beach Bag Essentials

With Memorial Day just a few short, yet-oh-so-far days away I thought now would be a perfect time to share our beach bag essentials with you all. This weekend will mark the “real”… Continue reading

Polishing Tarnished Silver

I am a sucker for silver trays… seriously, if we’re at a thrift store and there’s one – I buy it. I love the old-school look to them (the more ornate the better)… Continue reading

Repainting Old Doormats

As I mentioned in my Spring cleaning post, our welcome mat has seen better days. When we got it three years ago it was beautiful but since then it has been really worn… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Checklist & Tips

** You can see an updated spring cleaning post + checklist here! Lately while trying to organize the website into more specific sections within each category I noticed that it has been a… Continue reading

Cutting Up a Whole Chicken

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Year… we enjoyed an amazing meal and had a fantastic time with friends, most of which were my husbands old teammates so it’s… Continue reading

Decorating the “Mantle”

Since the summer when we remodeled our Family Room (which I’m just realizing now I never did a post on lol) I have been eagerly waiting December so that I could do this.… Continue reading