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My Favorite Things in January

I should have titled this my Christmas gifts list because almost all of the items were gifts I received for Christmas or got with money from Christmas and my birthday so I got… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in December

1. Pilot G2 Gel Pens. I have been obsessed with these pens since college and I really don’t like using anything else. They write so nice and last much longer than other pens and… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in November

1. iPhone 5S. I have been due for a phone upgrade for months but I loved my iPhone 4S so much I didn’t have a reason to get a new one. The problem… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in October

1. Silk Pajama Sets. After I got these in the leopard print last winter, I can’t get enough of these sets for the colder months. I also have some of these sets which are… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in September

1. Breaking Bad. I put the show on my first list in July when I started watching it, frantically trying to catch up before the final 8 episodes starting airing. I thought this last season… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in August

1. This past Sunday marked the last Sunday without football until February and I could not be more excited. My husband and I are contributors for Pro Player Insiders and you can read… Continue reading

My Favorite Things in July

I thought it might be fun to try something new for today’s post, if you like it then let me know and I will do it at the beginning of each month. When… Continue reading