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Hand-painted Chevron Table Runner

I’ve always been more of a table runner kind of woman than a tablecloth one, so when it came to dressing up the table in the kitchen for the baby shower I immediately… Continue reading

Chevron Baby Shower

My cousin and her husband are expecting a baby boy in November and my aunt asked me to plan, cater and decorate the shower that she was throwing for them this past weekend.… Continue reading

Easy Maxi Dress 2.0

After I did my post on this easy maxi dress at the beginning of the summer, I played around with it a bit to simplify the process and make a couple of improvements.… Continue reading

Painted Fabric Pillows

I’m always playing around making different removable covers for all of our throw pillows because it’s such an inexpensive way to shake things up in a room. Usually I spend a lot of… Continue reading

Embellished Lace Apron

A couple of weekends ago, a great family friend had a wedding shower at Peek n Peek resort. She’s a great cook, so it was an interactive shower complete with cooking stations and… Continue reading

DIY Belle Noel Ponytail Chains

  I still have a couple of posts to finish off my Anniversary Dinner series (see the first three posts here, here and here) but I thought I’d break it up a bit with an easy designer… Continue reading

iPad Cases

I actually started making these before I did the iPhone/iPod sleeves, but I had to play around with the pattern and make a few changes from the original (which I found here) so… Continue reading

iPhone/iPod Sleeve with Pocket & Swivel Hook

This has been an incredibly busy week for me. I’ve been making patterns for some great tutorials and merchandise for the Etsy shop, I’ve been working hard on a big project (that I… Continue reading

Pocketed Beach Towels

We live right up the street from a huge and beautiful beach right on Lake Erie. We’ve been spending all our free time there this summer and I’ve been coming up with some… Continue reading

Father’s Day Cards

If any of you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Father’s Day presents then this post is for you! I always like to send out handmade cards whenever I can,… Continue reading

Insulated Casserole Carriers

I am so excited to finally be able to do this post because I think a lot of you are going to find it very useful! I had been looking for a great… Continue reading

No Pattern Chain Halter Dress

I promised at the beginning of summer that I would try to come up with a few no pattern maxi dresses and this is the latest one I’ve made. When I tell you… Continue reading

Maxi Dress

As promised via twitter, here is my first post to help get you ready for Memorial Day weekend… an incredibly simple maxi dress! I have had this pattern (McCall’s M6558) forever and completely… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Window Valance

We have a window above our kitchen sink that overlooks the golf course we live on and I have never really known what to do with it since we moved in (which was… Continue reading

DIY Beaded Sandals

I made these a couple of months ago so that they’d be ready to go once spring hit, but I wanted to wait until it warmed up a bit before doing my designer… Continue reading

DIY House of Harlow Headpieces

  I’ve been making these for a couple of months now, but I wanted to wait to do my Designer DIY post until I had made all the styles. I love, love, love… Continue reading

Pop Up Mother’s Day Card

    I have done an updated post on these cards, with a step-by-step video to make this even easier – see it here! I made these cards for Mother’s Day last year… Continue reading

Rhinestone Encrusted Pumps

These are an updated version of a post I did back in January. I encrusted the heels of a pair of pumps in rhinestone for a New Years Eve party that we went… Continue reading

Recycled Bag Bows

I saw this on the  Martha Stewart a couple weeks ago and vowed to try it. I think I’m like a lot of people… I keep my shopping bags in our linen closet,… Continue reading

Roll Up Makeup Brush Bag

I’ve been meaning to do this project for a couple of years now and I’m happy to have finally gotten around to it. I have a professional one of these and it’s just… Continue reading