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Strawberry Rosemary Scones

What I love about these scones are how easy they are. You don’t need a scone pan to make them and it takes the intimidation out of making scones. These would be perfect… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Turkey, Stuffing & Gravy

First off, I just want to apologize for the poor quality and the lack of the pictures in this post. I wanted to do a post on a turkey and stuffing in time… Continue reading

Wishbone Napkin Rings

I’m always looking for cool and unique ways to set our table for different occasions, all the way down to how I set up my napkins which is why i love this craft… Continue reading

Shingled Leaf Apple Pie

This is a more artful approach to your standard apple pie and I think it’s a really great way to dress up a dessert for Thanksgiving. It takes quite a bit more time… Continue reading

Mini Cranberry Meringue Pies

Some of you may have seen this recipe when I did a guest post for the Blue Butterfly Vintage blog, but with Thanksgiving just over a week away I thought I’d share it… Continue reading

Makeup Vanity

This is one of my all-time favorite gifts I have ever received, mostly because it gets used every single day! My mother-in-law got this for me last Christmas, and I honestly don’t know… Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cake

We celebrated my mom’s 49th birthday at her house in Jamestown this past weekend. As an amazing gift, her good friend came over and made our whole family dinner and hors d’oeuvres. She… Continue reading

Perfume & Cologne Cubes

I am always searching for different ways to “store” things in our home. Now a days, perfume and cologne bottles have a lot of time spent on design and can look really beautiful,… Continue reading

Vogue Dress 8667

Every year the women in my family go to Lewiston for the annual Barbara Zimmer Holiday Wish Show in support of the American Cancer Society. It is an amazing event that supports a… Continue reading

Ham and Pear Pressed Sandwich

These are a really nice way to step up your sandwich at lunch time. An interesting combination of ingredients and the way they’re cooked makes these sandwiches out of this world. Seriously, once… Continue reading

Produce Tips

I know it’s really easy once you get home from your grocery store or your farmer’s market to take all of the produce you just purchased and shove it in the fridge and… Continue reading

Vintage Fall Aprons

I love the look of vintage aprons and  I always used to buy that style before I started sewing. Now that I make my own, I’m always on the hunt for a really… Continue reading

Cinnamon Ice Cream

I started making my own ice cream a few years ago and nothing beats it for a number of reasons… it tastes better, you know exactly what is and isn’t in it, it’s… Continue reading

Pet Organizing Tips

We have two miniature pinschers and I’m always looking for creative ways to keep all of their stuff organized. From their food and treats, to their grooming items, toys and leashes their stuff… Continue reading

Gingham Throw Blanket

This is a really cool way to knit your own blanket without feeling like your taking on the time consuming task of knitting your own blanket. Essentially several scarves stitched together, the pattern… Continue reading

Classic Apple Pie

Our farmer’s market has been filled with wall to wall apples the last couple of weeks, so I decided to make a pie over the weekend. It was a dreary last couple of… Continue reading

Outdoor Decor Ideas for Halloween

For this weeks home tip I thought I’d just give you a bunch of ideas I’ve used over the years for decorating the stoop in front of our house for Halloween. I like… Continue reading

Vampire and Mummy Pumpkins

I saw both of these in October’s issue of Martha Stewart magazine and know immediately I had to make them myself. They’re cute and unique and will definitely be a conversation point. I… Continue reading

BBQ Chili with Cheesy Biscuits

My husband loves this recipe, he’s had me make it for him on his birthday every year since we started dating. It’s incredible easy to make and perfect to warm you up once… Continue reading

Removable Pillow Covers

I have to start by thanking my mom for showing me how to make these really easy, really great looking pillow covers. Whether it’s for our couches, our beds or any other room… Continue reading