April Favorite Things

April Favorite Things copy

You’ll see a common theme in my favorite things this month as I am in full-on spring cleaning mode! I have been making a huge effort to really simplify everything in our home. I have been letting go of things we don’t need and making a home for each + everything that is staying.

I started with our junk drawer which was a catch all of mail, receipts, random paperwork, cards to be mailed, etc. I realized I didn’t want to waste an entire drawer so I did a couple of things to help out and that’s where we will start on the list!

  1. File Box: We had an accordion file folder as well as two smaller hanging folder boxes that we had accumulated over the years. I combined everything into this bigger, simple box. I used these folders and this label maker to clearly mark them all. Now any mail that comes in has a place and I’s easy to locate it if we need to.
  2. Drawer Organizers:I get these at TJ Maxx and Home Goods. This is a great way to organize a bunch of smaller items in a bigger drawer so that they’re easy to find.

3. Paperless Post: I used to grab cards when I saw them at Home Goods and keep them in my junk drawer to mail out. Problem was, I would forget what I had and buy more or I’d forget to send them at all. I discovered Paperless Post and it’s been the perfect way for me to send personalized notes immediately to my friends/families’ inboxes. What I love most about this site is you can design everything from start to finish and your recipient gets it the same day. This has come in handy as we had friends and family welcome babies this week and this is the perfect way to send a card without knowing when exactly the baby is coming! They also have amazing invitations that you can design, I can’t wait to use that feature of the site.

Once I had my junk drawer taken care of I had a bunch of miscellaneous items that needed a home and that’s where my next section of items came into play:

4. Tackle Boxes: These are an organizer’s dream and they are so inexpensive. I get mine at Walmart and they come in many different sizes. What I love about these is that they come with little dividers that you can put wherever you like so the container fits around your items rather than you having to find very specific sized ones to fit your items. I made one for our First Aid Box and use a smaller one for my hair accessories. What’s cool about the latter is if I am travelling, I can just throw it in my bag and everything is packed, protected and organized!

5. Dollar Tree Containers: I recently  moved almost everything in our pantry into uniform containers which I always wanted to do but didn’t think it was something I could fit in my budget. I found these two types of containers at the dollar tree (here and here) and now everything has a place and the pantry looks so much better. I used clear labels and the same label maker from the files to make the labels.

6. Necklace Organizer: I had a bad habit of putting my longer necklaces in a large jewelry box and then continuing to ask my husband to untangle them. After the 100th time of him telling me this would be his last time helping me, I figured he meant business. These have been awesome. I hung them in my closet with little picture nails (they come with double sided tape but I didn’t want to peel the paint and drywall off the wall when I removed them). Not only does it keep them untangled but with all of them on display I find myself wearing more than I would have in the past because they’re so accessible.

It was time for me to re-up my Bath and Body Works wallflower stash while we were in the middle of spring cleaning. While I love the smells of these, I started realizing it might be better to get something that not only smelled nice but eliminated some of the not nice smells that pop up in our house and our cars.

7. Febreze Wall Plugs: I like these because with our dogs being out and about all day every day on our main floor, it doesn’t matter how many times I wash their blankets and beds… it still ends up with the faint smell of dogs. These eliminate that smell while adding just the right amount of an added scent. I put one of these in our dining room where their crate is and another in the living room where they spend most of their time and it’s perfect.

8. Febreze Car Vent Clips: I got this for my husband’s car to try and freshen things up. Between his gym bag, golf bag, etc there was always a lingering smell that made it not so pleasant when I had to ride in his car. This worked like magic within a day! I got the more neutral vent clip from their ONE line and it’s perfect for someone like me who likes the car to smell fresh without being overpowering!

9. Febreze Spray: I would be remiss to not include my tried and true Febreze spray while on the subject. I love this for freshening up once every few months. I’ll spray our blinds, rugs, the couch, curtains, etc.

What are you guys loving right now? Let me know below in the comments!!