We Bought a House!

It feels so good to type that and read it out loud! We had been in our townhouse for the last 8 years (renting!!) and it seemed like we would never be able to purchase a home. It seemed so overwhelming to me, I didn’t even know where to start and it seemed like every time we thought “hey maybe we should start looking in to it”, one of us would have a big change at work or something would come up and we just re-signed our lease and thought “definitely next year”.

Well after 8 of those years flying by, we decided enough was enough and that we just needed to go ahead and take the leap. With some huge help from family, we were able to start the process of being pre-approved and starting looking for houses. The one we ultimately decided on was the second house we looked at and no matter how many others we saw, I knew this one was THE ONE and that nothing was going to stack up.

We started looking before Christmas and got our final offer accepted in early February which in the grand scheme of things was really fast. To me, it felt like things moved at the speed of light. We closed on March 31st and were leaving on a vacation and had to be out of our townhouse 3 weeks later. Which sounds reasonable except I wanted to “do a few things” to the house.

Basically, our family are godsend… my husband’s mom made it possible for us to get the house and my parents came up every single weekend + some weekdays before we left and once since we got back to help us get everything done. My husband worked literally through the nights packing up the townhouse while I worked at the new house and I still don’t know how we got everything done. We still have some things to tick off the list but so far we have:

  1. Replaced the carpet + linoleum flooring in the entire first floor with plank flooring.
  2. Replaced the carpet in the master bedroom with plank flooring.
  3. Painted the entire downstairs.
  4. Changed out the chandelier in the dining room.
  5. Painted the oak cabinets in the kitchen white.
  6. Swapped out all of the drawer and door pulls in the kitchen.
  7. Knocked out the granite surround on the fireplace and re-tiled half of it so far.
  8. Mounted two flat screen TVs in the living room + one in the master bedroom.
  9. Put in all new furniture and décor in the living room.
  10. Built and island in the kitchen from scratch
  11. Replaced all of the countertops in the kitchen.
  12. Replaced all the kitchen appliances with stainless steel.
  13. Finished the foyer design.
  14. Built a firepit on the back patio
  15. Added a marble herringbone backsplash in the kitchen.
  16. Mulched the front yard (and also learned to mow + trim the yard since we never had to do that before)
  17. Set up the office in the third bedroom upstairs.
  18. Studded out, dry walled and carpeted one room in the basement that we use as the “dog’s room” while we are at work during the day
  19. Hooked up the washer and dryer in our upstairs laundry room which is seriously the greatest thing ever.
  20. Painted our bed room and master bathroom.
  21. Built 2 mirrored dressers.
  22. Installed art in the master bedroom + styled new decor.

I *think” that’s everything, which is crazy to think we did all that in less than a month with full time jobs. I think for the first 3 weeks we were operating on 4 hours sleep each day. Also, when I say WE did those things I mean I planned/designed them and my dad did all the actual work while my husband + I tried to help as much as possible. I have been in awe of the insane amount of things he knows how to do and how well he can do them. My husband moved boxes and all our stuff like a champ and my mom spent almost one full weekend cleaning the townhouse so that we were able to get our security deposit back. It’s been such a team effort and I’m so thankful for our family!!!

I’ll be posted SO MANY posts in the upcoming months on all the different rooms and projects so get ready for an overload of DIYs because we seriously did everything ourselves!! I can’t wait to share the before and after pictures and help walk you through how to do some of the projects.