Whiskey = Love

Bulliet Whiskeys

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if your significant other is anything like mine, they’re hard to buy for! The good news is that one way to his heart is whiskey. 

I’ve shown you guys how we make an old fashioned, apple bourbon mojitos, the honey bear cocktail + even put it in a sauce for this to-die-for dessert. Long story short, he loves it… in any way shape or form… so I thought I’d help you guys out if you’re still needing the perfect gift for your man!

The Bulleit Bourbon is perfect for that guy you’ve been dating for a hot second + really want to impress:


Next up is the Bulleit Rye which is great for someone you’ve been with for a while + want to spice things up with:


And lastly we have the Bulleit Bourbon 10 Years which is for the man you want to marry… this is what my husband will be getting!