Dressing Room Inspiration


We are in the process of looking for a new house which is half as excited as it is stressful. Through the process it has given me a lot of time to think about what elements from our current house we would keep and what we might do differently. Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest thinking about “dream room inspiration” for a new house and Arhaus really inspired me with their pieces! Their furniture is beautiful (and one of their stores is in the same city where I go to Training Camp for work!) plus they have just about everything. Whether you’re looking for big pieces, artwork, pillows, throws, curtains, etc – they have it all! Right now they’re having a storewide sale with up to 40%  off through the end of the month and an additional 5% off for the next 4 days. 

I could have created mood boards for every single room in a house from their stuff but tasked with coming up with dreams of dressing room greatness, this is what I focused on! I loved the idea of gold and metallics with geometric shapes throughout the room. When I think of a dressing room, I think of a place where you really want to spend time enjoying all of the beautiful things in your closet and I think these 11 pieces help create that atmosphere.

Click on the names of the items below to see them on the site and let me know what your guys’ idea of a dream dressing room would look like!

  1. Felicity 30” x 65” Mirror in Gold.  I love big mirrors like the one we have in our master bedroom now but this one is extra glam with the addition of the mirrored border. These are great for seeing your whole outfit (and for snapping a great selfie on your way out the door!).
  2. Hemisphere Geode Chandelier in Antiqued Brass. This light fixture is to die for. I know big crystal ones are all the rage but sometimes less is more and I think this is a perfect example of that!
  3. Sorbonne Table Lamp in BrassThis reminds me of the 1920s and love the idea of having this on a shelf or on top of a jewelry chest. They also make this in a floor lamp which would be perfect for a little reading nook in the dressing room.
  4. Isla Mirrored Jewelry Chest. This is so beautiful and you don’t just have to use it for jewelry. You could put lingerie, scarves, etc into these smaller drawers.
  5. Silver Metallic HideI love the idea of faux hides, we have them all over our master bedroom now in front of mirrors and even on my jewelry table. I love the idea of having this be the focal point of a dressing room and the addition of the metallic paint makes it even better.
  6. Corso Upholstered Chair with Chrome Frame. I like a really comfy chair that still looks nice. I like the idea of having one in the corner to read in or for a friend/husband to come hang out with you while you get ready!
  7. Gita Tray in Antique Patina. Trays are a great way to store things while putting them out on display at the same time. This one matches the jewelry chest + you could put anything from jewelry to perfumes to makeup on it.
  8. Martin 40” Bookcase. I love the idea of taking pieces of furniture that are made for something specific and using them for something else. In this case, I love this leather wrapped bookcase with trunk details to use to store clothing in baskets, jewelry on trays and whatever else you could need in a dressing room. 
  9. Lines Hurricane in Brass. This is another element of the geometric shapes I mention earlier. Even the plainest of white candles will look amazing in this holder.
  10. Grand Chester Hook Mirror. Right now I have most of my necklaces hanging on faux animal busts on a wall by my mirror but I love this holder that has an aviation feel to it. 
  11. Casual Stance Print. I think this is super simple but would have a really big impact on a focal wall in a dressing room.