Modern Calendar


Organization is my thing. My friends, family + coworkers all poke fun but, to me, being organized keeps me sane. I keep my Kate Spade planner for all the heavy lifting but I also like to have something easily accessible and in front of me at all times while I’m at work in case I don’t feel like pulling the planner out.

I created this super basic calendar to keep me updated on dinners, appointments, vacations, outings, etc. You can use the calendar a lot of different ways:

–       Print out the entire year and hang all 12 sheets on the wall

–       Print one at a time and keep the current month out

–       Put all 12 pages on a clipboard and hang it on a wall or at your desk then swap the months out as the come. You could also do 12 clip boards on a wall which would look really chic.

–       Keep a digital version pulled up on your computer

The possibilities are really endless. Keeping a calendar like this may seem simple but you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to plan things and avoid any conflicts ahead of time!

Click on the images below and save them to print them or – shoot me an email [] if you’d like me to send it to you as a full PDF!














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