Baby’s Breath Flower Crown

Flower Crown

This past Saturday I went to the Florida Georgia Line concert at Darien Lake. I had been looking forward to this one all summer as they are one of my favorites and I knew it would be the last weekend I would have off before the football season started. The forecast had been looking perfect all week and I had picked out a new dress the weekend before that was pretty plain. I knew I wanted to wear a flower crown but I wanted it to be something simple –  I didn’t want to wear any jewelry + minimal makeup I just wanted the dress, the crown + some cowboy boots! 

What I loved about this was that it was fun, I felt like my twelve year old self that was playful + carefree. We had the best time at this concert. I had just left from training camp, we drove up early and had some drinks + listened to music and just enjoyed the time away from work and how amazing our life has been lately. We even took a timeout from the madness of the day to lay a blanket in the bed of my truck and take a nap.

FGL concert

This is a fun way to dress an outfit up without really doing much. Like I said I wore a plain sundress and cowboy boots and this just added so much to the outfit. I got stopped all day long and really loved this crown, I felt like a little kid again but with some coronas thrown into the mix, lol!


This is so easy to make. Follow the instruction from the DIY Flower Crown post here to make the crown. I used one piece of wire for the base for this one because I knew it would be much more delicate than the one in that post. I wanted the baby’s breath to be the highlight of the crown with a couple colorful flowers mixed in. I got all 3 of the flowers from Hobby Lobby. Their website it awful so I can’t find links but the green and pink flowers are right in the front aisles and the “baby’s breath” is mixed in with the floral aisles further back and called star flowers!