Black, White + Gold Office Decor

Office Decor

I have been working part-time for the Buffalo Bills for over a year and was recently offered a full time position which I very excitedly accepted. I wanted to upgrade my desk decor and really make the space a comfortable enviroment that was a little more “me”. I also wanted to make things efficient as possible, I love a super clean desk with no papers hanging, etc. so I wanted some organizational options that looked cool while serving a purpose. I went with a black, white + gold color scheme because I think it’s a really classic combination and the gold  is just fun! These are the items I went with and it’s made such a difference!

All items will be linked in their names, unless I couldn’t find online in which case I’ll tell you where I got them and link to similar items that are online!

1. Kate Spade Black Stripe Spiral NotebookI like having a notebook that I can grab off my desk and take into meetings and jot down notes but I have a couple of criteria they have to meet first. I like one that’s spiral so I can rip the pages out and stick in folders for particular projects or give to someone else but I want some privacy while I’m writing in them as well. This notebook takes care of both of those, it’s sprial on the inside but thick cardboard to serves as a cover on the outside so it looks really fancy even though it’s not.

2. Kate Spade Gold Dots Small NotepadI like this little flip notepad for little quick notes. I’ve started using this instead of post-its because I felt like I was wasting so much paper that way!

3. Rose Gold + Acrylic Stapler {Home Goods} Similar here + hereI had seen versions of this on different blogs here and there in the past but they were really pricey. I ended up finding this one at Home Goods for $12.99 and it was even better than the others because the inside was rosegold instead of regular gold and that happens to be my favorite!

4. Target Gold Articulated Desk LampOur desks are in a room in the ticket office that has no windows so it’s just the flourescent lights up in the ceiling and that can get pretty depressing as the summer days wear on. I decided that a desk lamp would bring just the right amount of light to make things seem bright. I like this one for a few reasons: the base is small so it doesn’t take up hardly any space on my desk, it’s tall and adjustable + it’s cheap! The base is big enough that I put a gold wire pen cup and my stapler on it to save even more room but small enough that it tucks into the corner!

5. White Hydrangeas in Ball JarLike I mentioned above, the room where my desk is does not have any outside windows in it so there are times when it can feel a bit like a dungeon. I like to bring some smaller hydrangea blooms from our backyard and keep them on my desk in a simple glass jar. They last like this (changing the water every few days and trimming the stems) for about 2 weeks which is low maintenance and I love the fact that they are free!

6. Threshold French BullDog Tape Dispenser {Target In-Store}. This is so uneccesary but everyday when I look down and see it, it reminds me of Weezy + Sebastian and it makes me smile so it’s well worth it for me. Plus, I think the all gold is one really bold statement on the desk and I love it.

7. Target Gold Wire 3-Tier Mail Holder. {Target In-Store, $3 Spot} I found this int he $3 spot at target which is such a deal because it looks much more expensive. I keep this in the shelf above my desk to store folders, papers, envelopes, etc. It’s an easy way to keep things organized and de-clutter your desk while looking cool at the same time.

8. Magnetic Wire Mesh Basket {Home Goods, similar here} Sprayed Gold with this PaintThis may be my favorite thing about my new desk set up and it was super easy to paint gold (it took one coat that dried almost immediately!). I have a shelf above my desk with a metal cover and this is where that hangs. I keep the folders from the next item in it with labels on them for current projects as well as papers I know I’ll need easy access to through the week. This keeps them off my desk and in an easy to find place while still looking nice.

9. Nate Berkus File FoldersThese folders are amazing, I have many versions of these and this set is my favorite. I love the designs and the metallic colors on them, they’re heavy duty too making them worth the extra cost.

10. Gold Paper ClipsThese are just fun, getting gold paper clips instead of silver adds a unique touch!

11. Silver Mini Binder Clips {Walmart} Same ones here or get gold ones here. I love these tiny binder clips, I use them for all kinds of stuff. If I have a large stack of papers, I use two of these as a “book spine” for them. I also use them on the folders mentioned above to keep the papers from slipping out and I use them in place of paper clips sometimes as well.

12. Arrow Push Pin Hooks {Gold Ones Target In-Store}. These little hooks are great, I have four of them along the back wall of my desk which is a fabric wrapped cork board. I hang bigger binder clips, my work badge, keys to our other offices and an alex + ani bracelet that sometimes starts to bug me while it’s banging on the desk all day.

13. Kate Spade 2016 Large Black Stripe PlannerThis is amazing! Not only is it just about the chicest planner you have ever seen, it’s ideal for throwing in your bag and always being organized. The cool part about these new ones is that they start in August and go through 2016. I’ll do a totally separate post on this and how I use it soon!

14. Threshold Gold Wire Magazine HolderThis is another great option for holding loose papers, folders, guides, notepads, anything at all. It keeps loose papers off your desk and contained in a really nice looking spot!