My Instalife : May

I’m behind on my Instalife posts so instead of bombarding you with tons of photos (though this post will have a lot!!) I’m going to split it into two posts… one for each month! Find & follow the blog on Instagram to see updated pictures in real time and, as always, click on a set of photos to enlarge them! See my past Instalife posts here.

* these will be backwards from normal… the bottom right pic is 1 and it works its way to the left from there and up to the next row!


1. This was from a trip home to visit my parents for a weekend and we decided to brave the cool weather and golf a round at their country club. It was freezing and we were all still shaking off our winter rust but we had a really good time.

2. I snapped this picture while we were driving out to Pine Junction to meet up with friends. Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you’re living in a movie? We were driving down back roads with the windows down, listening to country music and this was the sunset … Such a perfect night!

3. This was when we actually got up to pine junction. Spring hadn’t quite sprung yet so it was chilly but they had a huge fire pit on the back patio which was perfect. We had drink, ate dinner while listening to a live band and then headed back into town and shot pool and played darts at a local bar.

4. We drove back to Buffalo the next morning and this is how Sebastian likes to sit on the rides… He’s the perfect road dog!

5. When we got back my country mega ticket had finally arrived… I was so excited to see all of the concerts I was going to get to see this summer. Once the NFL schedule came out I realized I won’t be able to go to nearly half of them but I am still excited for what I will be able to go to!

6. Some days Sebastian just can’t find the perfect toy so he decides that it would be a good idea to take every toy out of their bin. Once they’re all out he usually heads into the crate to take a nap and leaves Weezy looking like the guilty one!


1. We had tickets to see Eric Church the first day of May which turned out to be absolutely perfect weather wise. My husband and I got out of work a few hours early and we went downtown early before we were supposed to meet up with our big group of friends. We had some beers on the waterfront and it was picture perfect!

2. This was from the actual concert, which was really really good! He played a mix of old and new and he had the place rocking from start to finish!

3. We had a fun event at the Bills on the second day of the draft called Fan Fest. It was a great day weather wise and a lot of people came out. This was before the event started while we ate breakfast in the press box.

4. We finally had a Saturday morning free to head over to our farmer’s market. I swear every time we leave there I feel like we’re robbing the place because we get SO much produce for so little money!

5. This was from a Sunday fun day we had. We ordered big Greek salads from one of our favorite restaurants and sat on the back patio and had some cocktails. We laid in the sun and hit some golf balls and listened to some good music!

6. Weezy loves to find slivers of sunshine peeking through the windows and lay in them. This particular day I was trying my hardest to get some work done but it’s nearly impossible not to get on the floor and cuddle with her!


1. We made my skinny margaritas for cinco de mayo and they could not have been yummier. We had just gotten some local honey from that farmer’s market trip so we added that instead of agave and it was perfect. Did you guys know that by ingesting local honey you build up an immunity to the pollen and help with allergies?!

2. This day was so nice out that I couldn’t stay inside after work at the Bills so I laid out in the sun and did some work for the blog!

3. This was from one of my hockey clinics, I am having so much fun learning to play the game and work on my skills!

4. I showed you guys this picture when I was talking about my flash tattoos in my last favorite things list… I love wearing them like this!

5. One of my good friend’s girlfriends was in town for the weekend a few weeks back and we went to dinner and then to a great rooftop bar downtown. It was a great night with great company and we enjoyed taking in the city!

6. This is the dress that I put on my last favorite things list and I love how simple it is but that the metal collar around the neck gives it that something special! I also have on the eyeliner and lashes mentioned in that favorite things list as well!


1. Weezy spends a majority of her time sleeping on our living room couch just like this. She somehow tucks herself under the blankets perfectly like she’s a person and snores loud as can be, it’s the most adorable thing ever.

2. This was a throwback Thursday post to my husband and I a few years ago when we were in Miami.

3. Every single Thursday my husband and I go to the big tree in for blue lights, 50 cent wings and whatever sporting event is on. This place was the stomping grounds for the old Buffalo Bills legends and I love the weekly tradition we have of going there.

4. My best friend, Joanne, is from Mexico City and she moved back there 5 years ago which means I only get to see her a couple times a year now. She came home for a surprise trip because her youngest sister was graduating from college. It always feels SO good to be reunited!

5. This was from Joanne’s first night in town when we met up with her family and another friend for our tradition… Tequila! This was a video from one of our many rounds.

6. This picture is of me and Joanne’s mom who I absolutely adore. She is like a second mother to me and she deserved a medal for dealing with Joanne and I when we were in college and ALWAYS at her house!


1. Our patio umbrella from last year lost a battle with a rain/wind storm at the end of last summer so we had to replace it. We found this at home depot and I am absolutely in love with the bright colors and the print! See the rest of the back patio (sans the new umbrella) here.

2. This was from my delivery of the Veestro juice cleanse, read all about it here!

3. If you missed my April favorite things, make sure you check it out here.

4. I posted this as a sneak peek to an item on my favorite things list from May .. this bronzer is AMAZING!

5. If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail recipe for this holiday weekend, look no further! This Sun’s Out Rum’s Out Punch can be made in big batches and is super delicious!

6. While we were visiting my parents, I sat out on their back desk and ate my breakfast while working on the blog. I love their deck it’s so peaceful back there!


1. Sebastian typically doesn’t like to cuddle, he is the opposite of Weezy… He’ll go under a blanket and sit next to you but he rarely wants to be held. When he’s extra sleepy he’ll let me hold him like he did this night and I love it because it’s so rare!

2. This is from a night out with Joanne while she was still in town. My mom and I had gone up to the outlets and done some shopping that afternoon and I was loving this outfit!

3 + 4. These next two are from was the next morning, at Joanne’s parents house where they had a cookout before she headed back to Mexico the next morning. Her trips home never last long enough and it seems like they fly by in a heartbeat!

5. This was from hockey night which is my favorite night of the week!

6. I feel like there is a never-ending list of perks to my job at the Bills and this day was just one of them. They are installing WiFi in the stadium so they needed bodies in the stadium to test the signal. Moes catered it and it was beautiful day so I spent my afternoon eating Mexican with this view! You might recognize my shoes from this favorite things list.


1. This was a throwback Thursday from that night out with Joanne. We had such a great night, it was just like old times!

2 + 3. If you guys missed my Suns Out Rums Out punch recipe, make sure you give it s try because it is perfect for summer.

4. This was from another trip home a few weeks ago. My best friend Danni and I have known each other forever (our parents all went to school together as well) and she is back living in Buffalo now so it’s fun to go home together on some weekends. This night was a little chilly but we went to the brewery by my parents house with my husband.

5. After the brewery we headed up to Bemus which is this small village over the bridge right on the lake. We were just in time for the sunset and it was a perfect night!

6. The thing I love most about Stephen Curry is that win or lose he is always so composed. These NBA finals were awesome to watch and having GS win it all was just icing on the cake!


1. This was Danni and I out to lunch in Bemus the next day with my parents. I cut apart several flash tattoos to make the one I am wearing in the picture.

2. On the drive back to Jamestown Danni had the sunroof down as we were driving over the bridge and I felt like I was Beyoncé in a a music video with the wind blowing my hair!

3. We ended up going back out to Bemus later that night and there were not enough sunglasses or Advil to make my pounding headache go away the next morning! Glasses are from this favorite things list.

4. These pictures were from the night mentioned above. We met a group of friends on the porch of a restaurant in Bemus and then wandered down to a bar on the water for what ended up being a super fun night!

5. My parents live up the road from Chautauqua Lake and they have a dock at the end of their street which seriously has the best views of that entire half of the lake. I used to spend all my time down there in middle and high school and it’s always fun heading down there when I’m home now!

6. I had been shooting with a right handed stick for months now at hockey and while standing in the garage waiting for my husband to get home one day I saw this left handed stick that I have had forever and decided… Why not give it a try? Well this was the answer to my prayers because I have been doing SO much better with stick handling and shooting since I made the switch!


1. This album was on my last favorite things list and if you haven’t listened to it yet I would recommend it!

2. We live right up the road from a beach but down the other side of the road is a restaurant that has been around forever, was closed this winter, and reopened in the spring as a new one. It is rig on the water with an inside dining space and bar, an outside bar, a huge patio with fire pits and the whole nine yards. We checked it out for the first time on what could not have been a more perfect night. Everything from the wine to the food to the scenery to the weather could not have been better!

3. This was before hockey a few weeks ago and I was starting to get really anxious for the NHL draft and a fresh start for the Sabres because, let’s face it, we were punished enough last year!

4. I hadn’t had my skates sharpened in what felt like forever so I went early to the rink and had it done before one of my clinic sessions. There truly is nothing like a freshly sharpened pair of skates!

5. I got this dress at old navy and paired it with a statement necklace that I have had forever. I was feeling very bright this day and it made hump day a little more tolerable!

6. This is lyrics from a 2 chainz song but my husband really does have me saved in his phone under big booty which makes us both laugh hysterically.