My Instalife 3/24 -4/20

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Instalife 1

  1. For Christmas this year, my parents wanted to give my brother, husband, niece and I a trip instead of “stuff”. Of course, we ended up with stuff too (they’ve always spoiled us at Christmas time!) but we also planned our trip for next year. One of the stops is going to be Belize and this picture sums up how unbelievably beautiful it is there… I can’t wait!
  2. Last month I was getting everything ready in the morning for my day which included work, hockey and a Justin Moore/Kelsey Ballerini/Kristian Bush concert. I’d say it’s a pretty perfect day when this is the footwear you need for your day!
  3. That day happened to be my last day at the Hamburg ice rink before I moved onto my next league at the leisure rinks. I love the sight of fresh ice waiting for people to get on it and skate!
  4. This was from the above mentioned concert. I LOVED this concert, all 3 artists were on stage at the same time and they told stories and performed acoustic versions of their songs. It was such an intimate setting and a cool opportunity to see them perform in such a different way then you’re used to seeing!
  5. This was a throwback Thursday post from last summer. This particular night my parents were in town and we randomly ended up on the beach after dinner enjoying some drinks, the sunset and a really great band right by the water. I can’t wait for summer to get here so we can do more of that!
  6. To me there is nothing better on a Friday night then getting into my sweats, ordering dinner in or cooking and just hanging. After a long work-week I love relaxing and getting to bed fairly early so that I’m ready to make the most out of my day Saturday and being rested up to go out and have fun with friends Saturday nights. This particular night we ordered greek salads from our favorite spot (Poppyseed restaurant) and watched movies cuddled up with the dogs!

Instalife 2

  1. I always say our dogs really live the life. This was on a lazy Saturday morning while I was enjoying some coffee, catching up on the DVR and Weezy was all tucked in my lap snoring away!
  2. When it’s time for bed I head upstairs and get all settled in while my husband cleans up the kitchen. Weezy will follow me up and get under the covers with me waiting for him to come get her to put her in the crate with Sebastian for the night. As soon as she hears him coming up the stairs, she jumps out of the covers and runs under the bed + a cat (dog?) and mouse game ensues between the two of them. I think it’s the funniest things ever, though I doubt my husband would agree!
  3. This was the first night of my new hockey league at a new rink and it had been crappy weather all day. As soon as I started loading up the car and pulled out of the driveway the sun started shining and it got me energized to play!
  4. I found 3 of our old iPods and got them charged a few weeks ago and have been enjoying listening to all the “old” music I’d forgotten about. You can also see in the background some tulips that grow in a really cool way (I’ll show you more on my next favorite things list)!
  5. This was another throwback Thursday post, this time of my niece and all of our selfies over the years. She truly is one of the funniest people I know and she always has me laughing.
  6. One of my best friends, Vince, celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago and we to go bowling. I normally am SO bad at bowling that breaking 100 is usually my goal and I have only ever done it a few times. This night I bowled 3 strikes right out of the gate and finished with a 137!

Instalife 3

  1. This was on a Friday morning before work, after which we headed home for Easter weekend. It had poured rain the night before but it was really warm in the morning so the fog that settled over the golf course outside our house looked so cool.
  2. After work we headed home to spend Easter weekend with my family + friends and of course our first stop was Southern Tier Brewery to pick up growlers. We ended up getting to tour the brewery and do a tasting later in the weekend but we’ll get to that in a bit!
  3. Our next stop was the Taco Hut where we enjoyed pitchers of margaritas and all the Mexican food we could eat (seriously, I ate so much it took hours for me to feel normal again!). This night was a lot of fun because my brother came out and it’s always great getting to catch up with him!
  4. After taco hut we went to another favorite spot of mine, Brazil Craft Beer + Wine Lounge, and my best friend Danni met up with us. We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity (my mom is the champ at this game!!) and had the best time.
  5. The next morning I got up early and headed to have my friend Casee work some magic on my hair. She is so talented and amazing and has been the only person I’ve ever let color + cut my hair since I met her 10+ years ago. She lightened me up to blonde for the summer and I am SO SO SO happy with how it turned out!
  6. After getting my hair done I met my dad and husband up at the brewery for a tour. We got to tour the facilities and do a tasting up in the private bar where (after questioning the bartender) I discovered my new favorite beer of theirs which is actually a combination of two different ones. They mix their 2X IPA with the Southern Tier Live and call it aptly “2Live Crew”.

Instalife 4

  1. After the brewery tour and tasting, we headed up around the lake to Guppy’s Tavern with a group of friends. They do a cool “passport” program each season where you can try the craft beers and if you complete it within 4 months you get a sweatshirt embroidered with the restaurants logo and all that. We decided there were 14 beers left to try and enough of us there so we set out to finish the passport.
  2. A few hours later and we had completed the passport for our friend Tommy.
  3. After dinner (and yes by now I am exhausted after what was a marathon day) we heading back in to town to Tommy’s brother’s house and then out bar hopping for the rest of the night. My best friend Danni and I were known as “squared” we were in high school (both named Danielle) but since our friend Kayla was in the picture we changed it to Skuared for the night!
  4. I mentioned a while ago that my parents were re-doing the floors in their kitchen and another room just off of it. I picked the tile + the herringbone design (to match the table my dad and I built) and my dad did everything else all by himself! He bought the materials and figured out the best layout to maximize the supplies, laid the sub floor and the floor and grouted. It’s all finished now and I can’t believe how cool it looks and that he did it all on his own!
  5. We had a long weekend for Easter so I didn’t have to head back to Buffalo until Monday afternoon. I was so excited to get back because of hockey that night!
  6. I hadn’t gotten the chance to curl my hair since Casee colored it over the weekend so I was excited I had some time to do it during the week. I love the way the different tones really stand out with the curls!

Instalife 5

  1. We are doing some fun new events at the Bills this year and our first one was a speaker series a couple weeks ago. We had to do a little set up during the day and I still have to pinch myself that this is my view from work!
  2. This if from the event later that night. Our new head coach, Rex Ryan, came and answered some questions from our journalist as well as some of our invited season ticket holders. His honestly and humor is such a breath of fresh air and I cannot wait for this season to start already!
  3. This was a throwback Thursday post from the weekend before, you can see it was definitely a fun night!
  4. My parents came up for the weekend a couple weeks ago and my dad made my day by bringing growlers of 2Live Crew for us!
  5. My mom and I went to a baby shower for one of her co-workers that same weekend. It was one of the cutest showers I had ever been to and I just love the woman it was thrown for!
  6. Later that day we decided to just go grocery shopping and cook dinner at our house so we could stay in for the night. We made my tortilla soup and tacos and watched some movies with the dogs.

Instalife 6

  1. In the morning we all headed to 716 Food + Sport for the big Master’s Brunch. We got these little goodies, ate until we couldn’t anymore, enjoyed some drinks, kicked butt at the putting contest (I won golf lessons with a pro!) and, of course, watched the Masters.
  2. Monday brings hockey, which has become my favorite way to start the week! It gives me something to look forward to on a day that I usually dread so it’s a win-win!
  3. One of the things I love about this town is that there are “hidden” gems all over, you just have to know where to find them. In my case, Dominik Hasek’s rink on Riverside has an open skate on Fridays. You’re not supposed to be able to use sticks or pucks but if no one else is there, you and your group basically have free ice for two hours. No one is ever there on Fridays so it’s the best thing ever!
  4. I had the WORST head cold for over a week and two weekends ago it was at its peek. It was so nice out and the weather had finally broke so I sucked it up and washed all of the patio furniture and got everything set up while my husband was golfing. I laid in the sun for most of the day and we got to get the dogs out to play so it was a nice way to wind down the weekend.
  5. I didn’t want to go to hockey this night. I had been battling a cold that had me feeling like death for days, it was pouring rain, I was doing a juice cleanse, had no energy and ached all over, things at work that I have no control over had been bringing me down. I decided to quit complaining and just go. I killed it – my skating was on point, I scored a goal on every attempt I had as the demo for the rebound drills, I hustled to the boards with the guys + took pucks away, the coaches tapped me so many times for doing well that I had a welt on my butt. People kept stopping my on the way to the locker room to tell me I did awesome, I have never felt better! Love working hard and seeing it pay off especially when I wasn’t feeling my best!!
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