My Favorite Things in February + March

Fave Things

1. The 2015 Country Megaticket. I am so so excited to be able to do the country megaticket this summer at Darien Lake. The pass is for all nine country concerts there (Brad Paisley with Justin Moore, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw with Chase Bryant + Billy Currington, Florida Georgia Line with Thomas Rhett + Frankie Ballard, Jason Aldean with Cole Swindell + Tyler Farr, Darius Rucker with Brett Eldredge + A Thousand Horses, Rascall Flatts with Scotty McCreary + RaeLynn and 2 shows for Luke Bryan with Randy Houser + Dustin Lynch). This is definitely my year for country concerts. I saw Justin Moore, Kelsea Ballerini + Kristian Bush last week, Garth Brooks already, just snagged tickets to Eric Church in May, am seeing Dierks Bentley in June + September and am going to Kenny Chesney, Chase Rice + Jake Owen in July!!

2. Biotin. I had mentioned gel manicures on my fave things lists last fall when I first started getting them. They were the best thing to ever happen to me and I was getting one every 3 weeks like clockwork and loving them. When the big November storm hit and we were snowed in for 5 days, I had to go to a different salon to get mine done when it was time and it wrecked my nails. They chipped after 2 days and left my nails peeled off and terrible. It took me SO long to grow them out that  I actually JUST got my first gel manicure since then last week. I started taking biotin in January and it seemed to help a lot with my nail growth + strength.

3. Tony Lamas Boots. When I got the megaticket I knew I needed to invest in a new pair of cowboy boots for all the concerts this year. I did a lot of research and finally landed on these ones. I can’t say enough good things about these… they’re SO comfortable and already broken in, they’re amazing quality and I LOVE the look of them! I ordered mine on Amazon after watching them for a while because all boots were on sale and there was a Presiden’t Day Coupon code so I paid significantly less than full retail for these!

4. The Girl on the Train. I haven’t had the time to read a book in SO long. I had heard a lot of good things about this one and decided to give it a go. It’s a great read, only complaint is that I didn’t want to put it down and I finished it in just a few days!

5. Apt. 9 Fit + Flare Scuba Dress. I love this dress for so many reasons… I love fit + flare dresses, the print + colors are amazing and it’s made from stretch neoprene!

6. Meal Prepping. This has been making my life SO easy lately.  Working out, running + the gym is easy for me … my diet has always been the struggle. Now I spend 2-3 hours on Sundays making all my breakfasts, lunches, dinners + snacks for all 5 work weeks and I’m good to go for the whole week. It takes all the guess work out of it and I have no excuse not to stay on track! I am working on some digital copies of my meal prep plans including grocery lists, recipes, nutrition info + how-tos so be on the lookout for that!

7. Lifeproof NUUD Case. I had put the LifeProof FRE case on my favorite things list when I first got it because I was a fan of anything that was going to protect me from breaking another iPhone but wow did I hate that case. The film over the screen made everything cloudy + no matter what I did I couldn’t get the rainbow rings to stop from showing, dirt got trapped in both camera holes + because of it the pics were terrible, I couldn’t switch from silent to ringer on, no one could hear me when I was on a call + the plastic broke where the charger door opened + closed. Basically, it protected my phone but there was no point in having the phone because the case took away all the benefits of having it! The NUUD cases FINALLY became available and I cannot tell you how much better these are!! I love that the back is clear so you can actually see the phone, I love that it’s screenless technology so you can actually touch + see your screen + the pictures have been 100% better on this case. The plastic is harder and much better quality, the button responsiveness is SO much better, the fingerprint access to unlock the phone works so much easier + you can hear so much better!

8. Navy seals speech. This circulated a while back on Facebook but I still keep it bookmarked in my favorites for whenever I’m stressed or feeling overwhelmed. If you haven’t read it before or watched the video, I highly recommend it!

9. Old Navy Pixie Chino Pants. I have been wearing the regular Pixie pants for over a year now and love them but these new Chino versions are great! They’re lightweight and have great stretch and the colors are perfect for springtime!

10. Garth Brooks. I can’t say enough good things about this concert. I knew it was going to be good but when I say it was one of the best nights of my life, it is an understatement. I got out of work early so we were able to go downtown to the pre-party before heading to the actual concert. Our seats were amazing and he put on such an incredible show, it’s definitely one for the bucket list! He played 7 shows in 4 days and I’m happy we went to the first one because he had to have been exhausted by the end of his run!

 12. March Madness. I can’t get enough of March Madness and this year the games have been SO good. My battle for the belt (see more about that here and here) is going strong, my dad + I are neck-and-neck!

13. 30 for 30 Of Miracles and Men. This is by far the best 30 for 30 that ESPN has done so far. I love the movie Miracle and obviously hockey so I was excited to see things from the other side’s perspective. This documentary blew me away… it was SO SO good. Look for it on demand or online if you didn’t get a chance to catch it while it aired.

14. SnapChat. I know, get with the times! My friends have been asking me to get snapchat for SO long and I just didn’t understand it, lol. I am finally on it and getting used to it and I think it’s a lot of fun! Add me: Dgaddis5

15. The Big Tree Inn. If you’ve ever heard of Buffalo, then chances are you’ve heard of the legendary Big Tree Inn. It’s where all the players used to hang back in the days of Superbowl Runs and glory. It has now become my Thursday night tradition!

16.Drake Mixtapes. I LOVED Drake before people knew who he was. I listened to Room for Improvement and Comeback season religiously when I was in college. I remember being in Niagara Falls at a Quizno in 2007 and hearing him on the radio and being disappointed that he was starting to be discovered and that soon my secret gem would be a secret no more! I have been listening to those two old mixtapes on repeat lately!

17. St Patricks Day Parade. This is something I used to go to every year for the longest time and then between moving around and having other plans, I hadn’t been in a few years. We went downtown early this year and met up with some people and had the best time. You can see some of the pics here. We finished the day at the Big Tree Inn so it was the perfect day!