My Instalife 2/14 – 3/23

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Instalife 1

  1. My brother + dad came in to town the Sabres vs. Flyers game a few weeks ago and this was my brother and I after dinner on our way downtown!
  2. My grandmother, mom + I have season tickets to a theater here in town so once a month they come up, we do dinner + a show. Last month’s show was Chicago and it was TERRIBLE! We left after intermission and went to have a glass of wine instead!
  3. My mom + my niece met me halfway between where they live and where I live. We grabbed lunch + did a little shopping, here my niece is telling me all about the birthday party she’s going to the next day!
  4. This is a throwback Thursday picture of me + one of my best friends, Mike. I think this is from my freshman year of college in 2004!
  5. I am starting my first hockey league next week so this is all my gear ready to go!
  6. This is something I’m really excited about. A few weeks ago I started meal prepping – meaning that on Sundays I make all my breakfasts, lunches, dinners + snacks for all 5 weekdays. I am going to start selling digital copies of the plans on Etsy soon stay tuned!

Instalife 2

  1. If you’ve ever heard of Buffalo, then chances are you’ve heard of the legendary Big Tree Inn. It’s where all the players used to hang back in the days of Superbowl Runs and glory. It has now become my Thursday night tradition.
  2. If you want a clean, healthy + easy snack packed with protein, then give my roasted garbanzo bean recipe a try!
  3. This is a peek at my second week of meal prepping! I can’t begin to tell you how much time this saves during the week and how much easier it is to stay on track when everything is already planned out!
  4. My favorite thing ever is when Weezy crawls into my sweatshirt and naps, she’ll stay like this for hours if I don’t move!
  5. I had to unbelievable pleasure of seeing Garth Brooks in concert a few weeks ago when he came in to town. He hasn’t played here in 17 years so it was awesome. This was on my way downtown, I’ll include these Tony Lama boots on my next Fave Things list so be on the lookout for that!
  6. I have a rather large collection of camo hats, so of course I had to add a Garth Brooks one to the mix!

Instalife 3

  1. This is my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon!
  2. A new bar + restaurant called Bourbon + Butter opened up in the Hotel Lafayette downtown last month and I finally got to check it out! I LOVE these metal tables in the lobby in front of the fireplace.
  3. If you need a flavorful + healthy side dish to brighten things up this spring, then make sure you try my rainbow rice!
  4. We FINALLY got a break in the weather and while the month’s worth of built up snow was being removed by the truckload, the first thing I did was get my car washed!
  5. The break in the weather also meant my first run outside this year! It has felt SO good to get outside and run, there are no words! The lake is still frozen and the beach looks like another world but nothing beats cardio outside!
  6. By now you know there are a million perks for working for the Buffalo Bills. A couple Fridays ago, after a pep talk from our head coach Rex Ryan, a local restaurant brought their new food truck to test out on us!

Instalife 4

  1. Another throwback Thursday, this is from St. Patricks Day in 2008!

2, 3 + 4. These were from the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown this year!

  1. These are just some of my fitness favorites that were included in my latest giveaway!
  2. March madness means every TV + tablet in the house is being used to keep tabs on things at all times!

Instalife 5

  1. I am in LOVE with this top from NYC. The lace detail is to die for and I love that I didn’t need any accessories to go with it!
  2. This throwback Thursday photo was a collage from my senior year of high school in 2003!
  3. A new upscale lounge opened in town last weekend called Black Swanand we were able to check it out with the owner the night after it opened. I love the vibe of this place (+ the food!!), it reminds me of NYC which I love.
  4. My brother + niece came up last Saturday and we went to SkyZone. We had SO much fun, but wow is that so much more of a workout then I thought it would be! Has anyone else tried this place in other cities? Definitely a must-try!
  5. I had put the LifeProof FRE case on my favorite things list when I first got it because I was a fan of anything that was going to protect me from breaking another iPhone but wow did I hate that case. The film over the screen made everything cloudy, dirt got trapped in both camera holes, I couldn’t switch from silent to ringer on + the plastic broke where the charger door opened + closed. The NUUD cases FINALLY became available and I cannot tell you how much better these are!! I love that the back is clear so you can actually see the phone, I love that it’s screenless technology so you can actually touch + see your screen + the pictures have been 100% better on this case.
  6. All of the orchids in the house did not make it through this winter so I have been waiting for it to warm up to replace them. This is the latest addition, on the console table I built in the master bedroom.