My Fitness Faves GIVEAWAY !

Fitness Faves Giveaway

The blog hit 6,000 follower last week and as a huge thank you to all of you guys that have been subscribing + enjoying the blog, I wanted to do a big giveaway with some of my favorite fitness goodies! 

There will be one winner for this giveaway + they will receive EVERYTHING in the picture above! Here’s what you’ll get:

PB2 to help you lighten up your toast, smoothies, etc. but still get delicious peanut butter flavor! A Rubbermaid LunchBlox to help you prep meals + keep the proportions in check. Two tubes of NUUN Electrolyte Tablets in your choice of flavors to keep you hydrated on-the-go! A $5.00 iTunes Gift Card to use two download the Yoga Studio App or just get some music for your workouts! A full-sized Blender Bottle + a Starter Set of GoStak to help you pack up your Nuun, supplements, protein powders, pre workouts, etc in the most convenient way possible!

Click on the photo below to bring up the giveaway and start entering for your chance to win!

Giveaway Day 4

You’ll be able to gain multiple entries with in multiple ways (all of the info on how to do entry can be found on the rafflecopter page above):

For 3 entries: 

– Refer a friend to the blog and have them sign up to get e-mails each time a new post goes live! You can do this one once a day so start rounding up your friends and have them enter too!

For 2 entries:

– Visit MIWD on Facebook + Like the page

– Follow @MakingItWithD on Twitter

– Comment below + share one of your fitness faves

For 1 entry:

– Follow the blog (note that this option is mandatory!)

– Follow MIWD on Pinterest

– Visit my Instagram page (@makingitwithdanielle) and like the photo with the giveaway!

The giveaway starts right now and ends at midnight on Sunday 3/15 so let’s go!

17 thoughts on “My Fitness Faves GIVEAWAY !

  1. Fitness fave: Whole Foods thermal lunch bags ($2.99 and seriously awesome) and blender bottles. I have so many but am constantly using them!

      1. Oops, my mistake, they’re 3.99. Still such a steal! They’ll be in my Friday Faves this week if you want a full review 🙂

  2. My fitness fave would have to be my ipod armband. I love that I can put my ipod in it and strap it to my arm. I used to have to hold my ipod if I didn’t have pockets, but after I got my armband, I can just strap it on and I’m good.

  3. Gotta love kettlebells and Quest bars! Oh, I also love So Delicious no sugar added coconut milk ice cream! It’s such a great non-dairy alternative to ice cream without all the sugar and mystery ingredients.

  4. I am a huge fan of my nathans water bottle! And I accidentally said my pinterest name was glynnskee when it is actually mainlykaty!

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