My Instalife 1/24 – 2/13

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Instalife 1

1. This is the inside of the Hamburg Brewing Company which is where I spend a lot of time in the summer outside enjoying the view of the pond from their deck, but it’s also awesome in the winter. I love the lodge-like feel it has and the fireplace is AWESOME!

2. I have started my next hockey session and this was from the night I got my official patch for graduating the last one!

3. Buffalo has a few famous chicken wing places and (I hate to admit this) but there was one called Duff’s that I had never been to before! A huge group from work ending up going a couple weeks ago before a night of bowling!

4. I have been making overnight oats a lot lately, so if you weren’t following me when I originally posted on them… check it out! I’m going to be sharing a new recipe soon too!

5. After that night at Duff’s and bowling, a sweat-it-out-Saturday was definitely in order!

6. This was from my poached chicken in ginger broth with bok choy recipe post!

instalife 2

1. There is a newer restaurant in town called Hydraulic Hearth which I had heard a lot of good things about so we decided to check it out a couple weekends ago. I loved the vibe of the place, the brick fire pizza oven + the food was AMAZING!!

2. I made my tortilla soup for Super Bowl Sunday and I can’t say enough good things about it. It makes SO much food and the leftovers were awesome all week long!

3. I know Super Bowl Sunday is over but this round up still has some great food + cocktail recipes worth checking out now!

4. I got to be the first one on the ice for my hockey session the other week and the last one off which made it a perfect night!

5. This is still one of my favorite go-to dinner recipes, get the full recipe post here, and it’s especially easy to make if you prep the veggies ahead of time! Just throw it all in the parchment and cook!

6. I have loved having my fuel band back and have been kicking butt in the gym!

instalife 3

1. This is my best friend from high school, also Danielle (we are known as squared). She took me a Sabres game last weekend with her brother and some friends + we had the best time!!

2. Our seats for the game couldn’t have been better, especially when the Sabres scored this goal and we won!

3. My latest favorite things post is full of a bunch of awesome items so make sure you check it out. 

4. This zucchini pasta with these pale mini meatballs are SO yummy and healthy… you’ve got to try it!

5. Things to add to my list of how-can-I-call-myself-a-Buffalonian-and-not-have-been-here. Hasek’s rink at Riverside and the Big Tree Inn! Crossed them both off my list in the same night!

6. I love juicing but I absolutely do not have the time to make it in the morning before work. My solution is this –  when I’m prepping my breakfast and snacks for work the night before, I wash + cut up all my fruits + veggies and throw them in a gallon bag. That way in the morning I throw it in the juicer and am ready to go!

instalife 4

1. This antioxidant + protein smoothie has been getting made a lot lately, I love everything about it!

2. The other night we crept into negative temperatures + when it’s that cold, tequila is the only thing that can keep you warm!

3. If you have a sweet tooth but you’d like a guilt-free option, try my raw chocolate +pomegranate cups!

4. Even though Valentine’s day has come and gone, the clean eating dessert options from this round up post are worth making now!

5. We went to a dive bar over the weekend and drank buckets of beer + got killed by some pool sharks… we had such a great time!

6. This is one of my favorite breakfasts… nothing beats a poached egg, get the full recipe post here!