My Instalife 1/7 – 1/23

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instalife 1

1. Have any of you guys used the Blender Bottle GoStaks? These are AWESOME! The lids click together to stack (so I can fit my prewokrout, electrolytes, protein shake stuff + a snack) and then the whole thing fits right inside my Blender Bottle! It makes it super easy to pack the night before and throw in my gym bag!

2. I have tried so many different rollers before and hated them all but I finally found one that I LOVE! This trigger point roller (I got the 13″ size) has different textures to work out different areas of the body. I use this bad boy every day when I get home from the gym and I am so much less sore the next day!

3. This was from New Year’s Eve and my last workout of the year. I was pushing 200 miles + PR-ed my time for an ab challenge I’ve been working on!

4. This was from a couple weeks ago on my 29th birthday, we went to the Lodge with a group of friends!

5. This was also from my birthday party at 716, had to do some celebratory tequila shots!

6. In case you missed it, you can see my Ultimate Favorite Things list from 2014 here! I’ll be posting my next have things list next week!

instalife 2

1. For Christmas my husband got me tickets to the Sabres Vs. Red Wings game where they retired Dominik Hasek’s number. To say it was amazing to be there is an understatement, you can see a little more about the night in photo 3.

2. My FuelBand’s display stopped working last summer and I didn’t want to be without it so I kept putting off sending it in. Well the season started and by the time it ended and I realized I needed to bite the bullet and do it, it was after the year warranty was good. They let me send it in anyways and replaced it with a brand new one (I even still got the rose gold clasp which they no longer sell!) and I got it back in less than a week. I have to say Nike has stellar customer service!!

3. This set is from Dominik Hasek night. He gave a speech + two members from the French Connection brought out the banner, which they raised directly in front of our seats. I got an autographed hat + puck and the Sabres scored two goals in our end (though we lost!). I got to see all of the trophies that he’s one and just had the most amazing time being there!

4. If you missed my Triple Berry Chia Jam, check it out! I have been eating this like crazy… in yogurt, in my smoothies, on toast, you name it it’s awesome on everything!

5. I did a whole post for you guys on cleaning the slate for 2015, so if you’re looking for some ideas and a little motivation it’s a great place to start!

6. These Paleo Mini Pork Meatballs are amazing! I’m going to do a post soon on some zucchini pasta which is perfect with these but they’re also great with hummus or as an easy grab-and-go snack!

instalife 3

1. I have been doing skating sessions for beginner hockey this winter and two weeks ago was the first time it was light out when I got to the rink, which means the days are getting longer!! I got this awesome camo Dominator hat at the Hasek game and tried a new lacing technique which did the trick for me so it was an awesome night!

2. Have any of you guys played this game? I seriously suck at it, I don’t think I won a single round but I have the best time playing it!

3. I went home for a couple nights last weekend and my dad and I took a trip to the brewery to get some beer for the playoff games. He was very protective of the growler on the drive, it’s an important job but someone’s gotta do it!

4. I was pulling out of the driveway to head to the gym the other day and there were no words for how good it feels to see the sun shining. I feel like winter is never ending and always so gloomy so days when the sun is out always makes it feel warmer even though it’s not!

5. Every morning after my shower before I start getting ready to head to work, I go through the pending comments on the blog. I have it set up so they have to be approved to ensure I don’t miss seeing any of them so that I can always respond to each one. This one I got for my Scallops Dish made my whole day, I love to hear when you guys are using + loving the recipes I post!

6. This was from Friday night, Sebastian has been such a cuddle bug lately I love it!