My Instalife 12/2 – 1/6

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1. My grandma went on  trip to Mexico with my aunt in the beginning of December and the night she got back in to town we went out to dinner with her + my godmother (her sister). We had the best time catching up at dinner and then my godmother played bartender back at her house. We had such a fun time chatting + laughing… I wished I could have stayed all night, too bad I had to work the next morning!

2. When I get home at night sometimes I’ll just lay on the rug in my kitchen with Weezy for a while before I do anything else. She’ll sit just like this forever if I stay!

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4. We had our big holiday dinner with our whole family a few weeks ago. They all came in to town in a limo, picked us up along the way + we had a great time. This was my dad and I in the main lobby with is decorated to the nines!

5. This is a little peek at the Winter Lodge Mantle I made for part of our Christmas decorations. I loved it so much I still haven’t taken it down, lol.

6. The Bills had two later games towards the end of the season which meant we were at the stadium very late taping out post-game shows. This shot was taken as we finished up!

instalife 2

1. This was one night at my hockey session. We have been off the last couple weeks for Christmas + New Years eve but are back at it tonight and I can’t wait!

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3. This was my outfit for the Bill’s Christmas party a few weeks ago. I love this time of year because you get to get all dressed up and spend lot of time with family + friends… you can’t beat that!

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5. I snapped this pic as the clock wound down on the final home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium where we beat the Green Bay Packers in spectacular fashion! We had our wrap party for the broadcast team the same night and it was a great time!

6. This was from the day I spent entirely too much time making my great grandmother’s sugar cookies. This is what we give all of the bosses at both of our work now for Christmas. People ask for them all year round now so I know they’re a big hit!

instalife 3

1. This was from the opening night of the Ice at Canalside in downtown Buffalo and to say it was cool would be an understatement. I can’t believe how much has been added down there just in this past year, it’s incredible! We got to watch live demos, a crazy fireworks show, skate on the ENORMOUS rink + then capped it off with dinner + drinks at a nearby restaurant!

2. This is my Christmas tree, you can see many more pics and see all my tips for decorating in this post.

3. After one of those late games after we finished taping our post game, the lights were on in the stadium and the tarp was off the field so I got to go down and take it all in on my way out to my car. I have to pinch myself all the time that this is really my job!

4. I got to go home for 5 whole days over Christmas break and we had such an amazing time. This was on the way down, Sebastian is such a good road dog!

5. The first stop when we got home was to the Taco Hut which is a tradition we have. We met family friends and it was the perfect way to kick off the trip!

6. This is my dad and I at dinner that night.

instalife 41. This is my best friend from home, Mike. We got to spend a lot of time catching up my first night in town which was a lot of fun!

2. My dad loves gin + tonics and when I saw this Gin + Titonics ice mold set online I just about died laughing. I gave it to him for Christmas and we had fun playing with it that night.

3. Has anyone tried Sagatiba before? After a dinner-long conversation trying to decide if it was rum or tequila, my brother + I translated the bottle and figured out it’s neither, lol. It was very good, I mixed it with some soda + cranberry juice with some lime.

4. Last Sunday was our very last game of the season which also meant it was the last set of shows until next year. I think it’s pretty cool seeing your name on tv… but I have to admit I can’t wait to have my weekends back!

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6. We went to 716 this past Saturday with a friend to watch the semi games for NCAA Football. Even thought Ohio State won and I could not have been more mad about it (lol) it was a fun time for sure!


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2. I can’t believe I didn’t know about these before but the GoStaks for the blender bottle are seriously the greatest thing ever invented. I can fit my electrolytes, pre-workout, a snack + the ingredients for my post-workout protein shake in this little stack of containers and then the whole thing fits inside my blender bottle so I can just throw it in my gym bag and go.. awesome!

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