Ultimate Favorite Things List 2014

I have been doing a favorite things list at the beginning of every month for a while now so I thought it might be fun to start the year off by picking my top 20 items from all 11 favorite things posts this past year. These are my best of the best from 2014 + narrowing down 220 things to just 20 of my absolute faves was tough but fun! You can see all my favorite things posts here + I’ll be back with my regular lists at the beginning of February!

Ultimate Favorite Things List

1. BCBG Welsch Booties. These have been my go-to for winter. They’re great because they are stylish but they have actual boot traction on the bottoms so they’re functional as well. 

2. Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm. I’m almost out of the original tube that I got from my mom as I have been using this every day and it is a miracle worker on my normally super-frizzy hair!

3. Hot Tools 24Kt. Gold Curling Irons. I don’t know what I would do without these… I use a 1 1/4″ barrel one everyday to do my hair quick for work and I use a 1 1/2″ barrel one with the clamp removed to make big wavy curls when I go out. These are amazing!

4. Michael Kors Jelly Charm Sandals. I wear these to death each summer. I get a new pair each year and live in them everyday. They’re crazy comfortable and go with just about everything so they’re perfect for summer!

5. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I never watched the tonight show before Jimmy Fallon took over but since starting this year I haven’t missed an episode! 

6.Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara. This mascara is unbelievable. It separates and curls your lashes like crazy but it doesn’t clump or look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup.

7. Tazo Zen Green Tea. If you like green tea, you should give this a shot. It has added lemongrass + spearmint flavors that make it (in my opinion) the BEST green tea there is!

8.  Jaybird BlueBuds X Bluetooth Headphones. I don’t know how I lived without these before. They stay in place amazingly even when I’m doing sprint intervals on the treadmill, they have amazing sound quality and it’s so much easier to lift without headphone cords in the way!

9. Apple 13 inch MacBook Air. Having a new laptop was great for me this year. It allowed me to do my preview articles for Pro Player Insiders while on the road and also made it easier for me to get blog posts in. Add to it the fact that it’s so lightweight and easy to take anywhere and I can easily say it was one of my best purchases this year. 

10. Cheribundi Cherry Rebuild. This stuff has been awesome post-workout for me when I don’t feel like making a protein smoothie. Not only does the protein get the job done speeding up with muscle rebuild but the natural sugars from the cherry juice replace the glycogen lost during my workouts.

11. Rubbermaid Lunch Blox. I forgot how clutch these were as we get treated to lunch in the Bill’s cafeteria during the season. Now that the players are gone and I am back to packing my own lunch everyday, these are amazing!

12. Michael Kors Zip Around Wristlet. I used this thing so much this year I just started saying “where’s Michael” every time before I go out. This fits just enough of what I need (my iPhone, my debit card + my ID) and the neutral color matches absolutely everything. I like that it has the strap so I can hook it around my arm and have both hands available when I’m out.

13. PB2. This is god’s gift to earth for me haha. I know most people will say the fat from regular peanut butter is the good kind of fat, but I say anything that keeps my calorie count down in My Fitness Pal is worth it. This takes peanuts, dehydrates them (taking out almost all the fatty oils) and grinds it into a powder. Add water + bam, you’ve got peanut butter. I add it to some chocolate protein powder , a banana + almond milk for an incredible PB Chocolate Banana Protein Shake too!

14. Nike Cushioned Running Socks. I can’t live without these and I’m so happy my mom got me some more for Christmas so I can do laundry less to make sure I always have a pair! They are seriously the most comfortable socks ever and they stay right in place during my runs which is so important!

15. Espolòn Reposado Tequila. I can’t say enough good things about this tequila and I love that it’s a relatively inexpensive brand of tequila. I like a shot of this with club soda and 2 limes… it’s been my go-to drink this year!

16. American Eagle Super Stretch Jegging. I have a few pairs of these and I live in them. As someone with a big butt and thighs, it’s so hard to find jeans that aren’t enormous in the waist but fit those areas! These are super stretch so they fit everywhere perfectly!

17. Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume. Gucci Guilty used to be the only perfume I would wear but this has the best (and most unusual) scent to it that it’s now replaced Gucci for my favorite

18. Gel Manicures. When I first posted on these I had only had a few, now I don’t know how I lived without them. I get one once every 3 weeks and it stays looking immaculate for 3 weeks until I get my next one… it’s amazing!

19. The North Face Mossbud Swirl Insulated Jacket. This jacket has been amazing for the winter. It’s so thin but it is SO warm. It’s been perfect for running around town, hockey, ice skating, you name it!

20. PNY Powerpack T2600. As someone that charges their phone (seriously) 4 times a day this has been amazing to have. You charge it and then throw it in your purse and you always have a way to charge your phone without needing an outlet!

What’s been some of your guys’ favorite things from this past year??