Paper Starburst Ornaments

Paper Starburst Ornaments

This time of year I’m all about DIYs that are quick + easy because, really, who has the time for much of anything right now? I can’t believe Christmas is already next week, I feel like we just celebrated Thanksgiving. I had seen a much more intense version of these on Pinterest last year and I made one (I’ll share that on the bottom of this post) but seriously it was much more work than was necessary so I made a much simpler version which is what you see above and what I’ll be sharing with you today. I love these because it costs 20 cents to make and they’re a fun way to spruce up your tree. I think these would also be fun to make and attach to your gifts this year, a little personalized and thoughtful addition to your packages! Another thing I like about this is that you don’t have to be super precise or take it too seriously.. I just eyeballed the overlaps and went with the flow. If you put some too close together, you can just add more triangles + same for if you put some too far apart, just take some triangles out!

Start off by cutting a sheet of medium weight card stock into 2 inch squares. I got this paper at Joann Fabrics and like I mentioned before, you’ll generally never use the same amount of squares for each ornament (mine typically take between 10 +12). Fold the squares in half with the good side of the paper facing out. Take your triangles and put a small amount of glue from a hot glue gun along both edges of the open edge. Take another triangle + put it inside the open one with the glue (folded side facing into the open one) and overlap it just slightly. Press down to secure with the glue. Keep doing this working your way around, making sure your bottom points all meet in the middle. Once you slide in your last triangle, secure with some hot glue.

Starburst Ornament How ToYou can leave the starburst as is (I think it would be a fun New Years Eve decoration too!) or you can use hang it from some thread to make it an ornament. These would even been super cute strung up on a garland!

I mentioned earlier I made a much more intense version of these and you can see that below + get the tutorial for it here if you’re interested!folding ornament pieces

putting ornament together

stringing ornament