My Instalife 10/18 – 12/1

I have been so busy lately that I have fallen WAY behind on my Instalife posts. I have two instagram accounts, a personal one and one for the blog, but it gets tough toggling between the two. I figured it would be more fun for you guys if I mixed up shots from the two accounts and combined them into an Instalife post, plus you’ll get to see a lot more of my personal photos with fan + friends so I thought it would help you guys get to know me even better! Click on a picture set to view them bigger!

Instalife Dec 1

1. These were my candy apples from way back before Halloween but they would be fantastic to make green + red ones for the holidays!

2. This was the pressed leaves frame that I made for our smaller bathroom downstairs to display some of the beautiful foliage we have here in NY!

3. Do yourself a favor and make this couscous salad stuffed acorn squash as soon as you can. It’s filling + comforting and perfect for these cold winter nights!

4. I spotted these rose gold knives on Oprah’s 2014 Favorite Things List and have been swooning over them!!

5. I made this version of the ruffle pocket potholder for Thanksgiving but it would be a PERFECT DIY gift to make for a loved one this holiday season!

6. This was the dogs huddled over the heater on the first day of the giant snowstorm we had a few weeks back. I thought it was crazy that the snow was taller than them… little did I know we would get almost 8 feet more than that!

Dec Instalife 2

1. My mom and I have seen Mama Mia a million times.. it’s her favorite show and it’s become a bit of a tradition when it comes in to town. She came up for her birthday a few weeks ago and we went to dinner with her + my dad and then we all went to the show!

2. I was stopped at a red light a few weeks ago and when I looked up and saw these two dogs in the car next to me I literally could not stop laughing!

3. I mentioned this Sabres digital camo jersey that I had customized in my October Favorite Things List and this was me wearing it to the game against the Red Wings (which we won in a shoot out!) a couple weeks ago.

4. While we were on our way out of another Sabres game later in the week to meet friends, we spotted Bills legend Thurman Thomas + I had to stop a snap a pic!

5. When Weezy let’s me do this, it’s literally one of my favorite things in the world. She lets me swaddle her like a baby and she’ll lay like this for hours sleeping with her tongue out snoring SO loud, it’s adorable!

6. These were the Thanksgiving Sugar cookies that I made while we were snowed in a couple weeks ago!

Dec Instalife 3

1. This picture set was from first thing Thanksgiving morning. My mom + I made the stuffing while my dad prepped the turkey. I got the turkey stock going, we stuffed the turkey + we had the turkey in the oven before 9am!

2. I have an amazing recipe for browned butter apple crisp that is what I made for our Thanksgiving dessert, this was while I was starting to put that together… I will do a post on it soon so you can have it in time for the holidays!

3. I hate to admit this but I have never really had bloody marys before. My parent’s best friends are the masters of them so we called them the night before Thanksgiving to get a list + we gathered up supplies. We made them Thanksgiving morning!

4. We have an INCREDIBLE new sports bar and restaurant in the HarborCenter which recently opened next to the First Niagara Center. We had heard how amazing it was but hadn’t had a chance to go so we went when my parents were in town and all I can say is WOW!!

5. Last month was military appreciation month for the NFL and I was dying laughing when Seb fell asleep with my hat on like this!

6. I used to skate a lot when I was in college and after moving around a lot I just stopped doing it. I decided to get back in to it and have started hockey sessions at our local rink for the winter!