Winter Lodge Mantle

Lodge Mantle

When I was thinking of decorating for Christmas this year I decided on a winter lodge theme. Our tree is silver and gold so I thought it would be fun to tie in the green and gold into the “mantle” decoration. I put that in quotes because the mantle is really the top of our entertainment center in the living room. I used the lanterns from the old decor, which looked like this:

the mantle

Aside from that I wanted it to look a more realistic and low-key. The lanterns were from Ikea a few years ago and I got the candles at Joann Fabrics.

Close Up Lanterns

I then got a plain green garland from Walmart and wrapped in with two strings of clear lights. You could save yourself some time by buying a pre lit garland but I always find theres never enough lights in those! I got two packages of these LED candles in staggered heights and lined them up in between the lanterns.

LED Candles on Mantle

Once I had those set up I weaved the lit garland in between, in front of + behind the candles. They have a 5 hour timer so you turn them on at the time you want them to turn on each day + they stay on for 5 hours, shut off and turn back on at the same time everyday. I liked that they were no fuss and I didn’t have to turn them on each day.

I wanted to try and repurpose our old ceramic white deer bust but it wasn’t made to hang and I really wanted to hang one behind the candles:

Candle and WreathsI got the deer bust from Hobby Lobby and the wreath for it from Home Goods, which doesn’t have it’s items online so I can’t link to it. It came with battery operated LED lights but there were so few of them and they were hidden, so I took them and the bow it came with off and replaced the lights with regular clear string lights. I made sure the cord hung from the middle of the bottom so that it wouldn’t show.

deer bust

12 thoughts on “Winter Lodge Mantle

  1. Danielle that is so beautiful and looks like the kind of thing that would be done in lodges here in Colorado only better because you did it! It should be in the Colorado Living Magazine!

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