Winter Lodge Mantle

Lodge Mantle

When I was thinking of decorating for Christmas this year I decided on a winter lodge theme. Our tree is silver and gold so I thought it would be fun to tie in the green and gold into the “mantle” decoration. I put that in quotes because the mantle is really the top of our entertainment center in the living room. I used the lanterns from the old decor, which looked like this:

the mantle

Aside from that I wanted it to look a more realistic and low-key. The lanterns were from Ikea a few years ago and I got the candles at Joann Fabrics.

Close Up Lanterns

I then got a plain green garland from Walmart and wrapped in with two strings of clear lights. You could save yourself some time by buying a pre lit garland but I always find theres never enough lights in those! I got two packages of these LED candles in staggered heights and lined them up in between the lanterns.

LED Candles on Mantle

Once I had those set up I weaved the lit garland in between, in front of + behind the candles. They have a 5 hour timer so you turn them on at the time you want them to turn on each day + they stay on for 5 hours, shut off and turn back on at the same time everyday. I liked that they were no fuss and I didn’t have to turn them on each day.

I wanted to try and repurpose our old ceramic white deer bust but it wasn’t made to hang and I really wanted to hang one behind the candles:

Candle and WreathsI got the deer bust from Hobby Lobby and the wreath for it from Home Goods, which doesn’t have it’s items online so I can’t link to it. It came with battery operated LED lights but there were so few of them and they were hidden, so I took them and the bow it came with off and replaced the lights with regular clear string lights. I made sure the cord hung from the middle of the bottom so that it wouldn’t show.

deer bust