Halloween 2014 Inspiration

Last year I did an inspirations round up for Halloween + you guys loved it so I wanted to make sure I did one again this year with some things I’m really loving! Get the tutorials/recipes for the pictures by clicking on the photo credits below each picture set!

Let’s start with some outdoor decorations!

Haloween Outdoor Decor

{ photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + 6 }

1. This amazing DIY Skull Wall Sconce is made from an empty vodka bottle… genius!

2. I love the idea of hanging your carved pumpkins from huge chains on shepard’s hooks!

3. I like that with some logs, sticks, a cheap plastic cauldron and some lighting you could create this creepy set up in your front yard.

4. This would be super easy to make with a foam wreath and some plastic spiders, I’d add a little web to the inside with some thread!

5. This Black Cat-O-Laterns are amazing and would make a nice touch on your porch’s steps or next to your front door.

6. I love the idea of painting doilies black, cutting them into corners and adding bias tape to make little spider webs. Would be perfect for windows flanking a front door or on your porch itself.

You can also try making my Mummy + Vampire Pumpkins:

mummyvampirepumpkins copy

Now let’s take a look at some indoor decor: indoor decor{ photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + 6 }

1. I have seen a lot of nail string art before but I think this skull design against the black background is super chic.

2. This would be super easy to do with dollar store LED pillar candles and melted crayon wax!

3. I have little frames like this from Ikea and I love the little holograms in some of them against a black + white striped wall.

4. I LOVE these branches on the wall with ravens perched on them… I think you could make a huge statement at your party by filling a big wall up like this.

5. I love everything about this wreath!

6. This would be fantastic to take a plastic tray from the dollar store, paint it black + write on it with white paint!

You can also try my Felt Rose Halloween Wreath:

Halloween Felt Wreath

Last, but not least, let’s check out some spooky themed food + drinks:

Halloween Food + Drink

{ photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56 + 7 }

 1. I love the tattoo design on the top of this cake and the fact that it “bleeds” when you cut in to it!

2. This “bleeding heart” cocktail looks extra creepy but sounds delicious.

3. I think these spider web looking hard boiled eggs are a cool touch to any party and love the idea of adding avocado to the yolks!

4. Another super cool looking and delicious tasting cocktail.

5. This is a super easy dessert for your party, just tortillas with cinnamon + sugar!

6. You can take a very simple soup and amp it up with a cool spiderweb design that’s SO easy to do!

7. These pumpkin cocktails are cool enough but when you add in the dry ice it’s perfect.

You can also try my black candy apples:

Candy Apples