My Instalife 9/21 – 10/17

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Instalife 1

1. We recently discovered that we had a brewery about 10 minutes from the house that is as close to my favorite brewery as it gets. The inside is a cozy lodge feel with fireplaces and the outside patio on a little pond has fire pit tables and it’s heaven on earth!

2. We have been blessed with some pretty fantastic weather here for it being fall in New York. After a long day of work at one of the Bill’s home games Sebastian and I had a little fun roaming around outside.

3. Nothing beats a good green juice to me, it’s such a pick me up after a weekend of bad eating/drinking and I love that it matched the grass and I got in the car to go to work that weekend.

4. Speaking of juices – I was on a kick a couple weeks ago! I love that if I’m feeling a little run down or have even the slightest hint of a cold, I can pack the nutrients from all these fruits and veggies into a juice + feel good as new!

5. In case you missed it, the blog turned 3 a couple weeks ago!

6. I have been dreaming about this soup since I made it. I love the bright lemony broth with the hearty vegetables, chicken and whole wheat orzo!

Instalife 2

1. This has been my go-to smoothie after workouts lately and it doesn’t get any better! 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 small organic banana,1/4 cup non fat vanilla yogurt (though I’ve been leaving that out lately!), 1 tbsp PB2 + 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Throw it in the blender and enjoy!

2. The foliage around here has been crazy and you know I’m loving it! This was outside of the brewery on a Saturday afternoon a couple weekends ago!

3. Get the DIY for this wreath here, I added some glittery leaves and picks to it instead of the ribbon to revamp it this year!

4. I mentioned these Flash Tattoos in my latest Favorite Things list and I cannot get enough of them!

5. You can watch this video on my Instagram page, there is truly nothing like the sound of cheese bubbling under the broiler in the oven!

6. This was a sneak peek while I was experimenting with simple syrups for my Honey Bear Cocktail.


1. This was my favorite leaf I found while gathering some for a project I’m posting on Monday, stay tuned this DIY project!

2. We went out for my husband’s birthday and ended the night at a new favorite of mine!

3. We finally got around to carving our pumpkins and putting our mums out last weekend.

4. If you missed my post on Thursday, make sure you check it out now… this will be perfect to make this weekend!

5. I finally cleared off 16,000 pictures from my desktop so that I can use it again so that’s why you’re going to be getting a bunch of blog posts coming up! The dogs sit there like this the whole time making me feel incredibly guilty for not playing with them!

6. Weezy cracks me up, she’ll sit on the couch like this for hours watching a squirrel in our backyard!