Arrow Tail Baby Quilt

baby quilt cover photo

Arrow Tail Quilt Front

I started making this quilt back in February and have just now finished it… better late than never right? One of our family friends was expecting their second baby girl in the spring (how absolutely beautiful is she in the cover photo??) and I had been wanting to make this quilt for a while. I loved their color scheme of purple and gray and when and picked out the fabrics right away.

Both sides of quilt

As happens with all projects I got so excited to get going, I cut all the pieces (all 50 of them!) and laid out my designs. I sewed the first row and then there it sat for months until I finally realized I was never going to have time to finish it, I was just gong to have to buckle down and do it! I think it worked out better because I finished it just in time for the cool weather and she wouldn’t have needed it for summer anyways! I LOVE the chic arrow tail design on the front of the quilt, which I followed for the stitching which makes a fun chevron pattern on the back:

Back View of Quilt

I liked the purple and gray combo and this was the first quilt I’d made my own bias tape to bind it with.

Super Close Up

I followed the (fantastic!) tutorial that can be found on this blog Sing All You Want. The tutorial can be found HERE. This tutorial was unbelievable – she walks you through how much fabric + supplies you’ll need, how to cut + piece, how to sew the top together and then gives great resources on how to quilt and bind the whole thing. I had made two small patchwork quilts before this, but this was my first actual quilt and I was so happy with how it turned out.

DSC_0500I’ll share some pics from along the way below!

I started with cutting the fabrics (get the info on how many fabrics and what sizes you need here and then tips on cutting the pieces here) + then pieced it.

Piecing Quilt

Here’s what it looked like after I sewed all the pieces together for the top of the quilt.

Top of Quilt Sewn Together

And here’s what the backside looked like with the seams all pressed out:

Underside of Top of Quilt

I sewed along the outside border as close to the edge as possible to stop it from fraying. I taped the backside fabric of the quilt upside down on the floor in my basement with painter’s tape.

Backside Fabric

I then laid the batting down on top of that, then the sewn together quilt top.

Ready to Bind Quilt

I then started the oh-so-fun process of pinning over 100 pins to keep the layers from shifting.

Pinning Quilt Layers

 I then sewed along both sides of the seams across the quilt which made a cool chevron pattern on the back of the quilt.


Quilted Layers

I then removed the pins, sewed along the outside border again and cut off the excess batting and backing fabric.

Cutting Off Excess Fabric

I then made my own bias tape and attached it using this tutorial.


The only thing I did differently was I topstitched the binding once I folded it over instead of hand stitching it!

Binding Folded Over