My Instalife: 8/7 – 9/20

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Instalife 8:20 1

1. I snapped this pic when I was up at St. John Fisher college for the Buffalo Bills training camp. We were blessed with some perfect weather and it felt so good to see the footballs flying through the air!

2. Last month the blog hit 3,000 followers and it’s been climbing fast since! I am so appreciative of everyone who takes the time to read this blog and I promise I’ve got some great projects, recipes + tips coming your way for fall!

3. This was while I was gathering all my ingredients up for my fresh juice sangria.

4. We ended up stealing a crate that was double the size from my parent’s house for the dogs here since we are gone more now that I am working so much. We upgraded the dogs bed (two beds fit in this new crate!) and Weezy was so in love she wouldn’t let us move it into the crate.

5. I put these on last month’s favorite things list but I couldn’t wait until then to share this on Instagram… I am obsessed! This cereal is made with rice + beans and are power packed with nutrients. The best part – they taste just like cocoa puffs! I keep a bag with them in my purse at all times.

6. I have been waiting all summer for this new bar Buffalo Proper to open and we finally got the chance to go! I love the bare brick and pipe shelving along the back bar and the rest is all subway tiles, raw wood + super chic decor. It reminds me a lot of The Smith in NYC (which I got to go to last week!) and the drinks were great… I had a fun twist on a moscow mule with vodka, strawberry/basil Shrub, ginger beer + fresh basil.

Instalife 9:20 2

1. This was the finished product of the fresh juice sangria! I can’t wait to come up with a fun fall version with red wine!

2. If you haven’t tried chia pudding, do it! This recipe shows you the proportions and you can tweak it based on your dairy, fruit + nut preferences it’s the perfect breakfast to jump start your body!

3. This is my order for pumpkin spice lattes which I have only had one of so far this year (I have been obsessed with dunlin donuts pumpkin coffee instead!). Venti PSL with skim milk (why do they not have almond milk yet??), extra foam + no whip.

4. This is my absolute favorite thing to make for dipping my veggies, it’s such a great alternative to fat filled dips + I think it tastes better! I mix some fresh dill, lemon zest, fresh lemon juice, garlic + tiny bit of salt to some plain greek yogurt. Let it sit overnight + all the flavors melt into the yogurt and it’s to die for!

5. This nail polish color made the favorite things list last month, it (OPI Lincoln Park After Dark) was my go-to for fall until I discovered a new one last week (stay tuned for the September fave things list!). 

6. This squash, kale + quinoa stew would be perfect to make this weekend while enjoying some football! It’s a great alternate to your typical chills because it’s full of fall flavors and packed with super-foods. This makes SO much leftovers you can enjoy it all week long or freeze it and enjoy it later when you don’t have time to cook!

Instalife 9:20 3

1.  If you’re looking for an alternative to the ziploc bags they allow at NFL games now, try my fun DIY translucent clutch from last fall. I still use mine ALL the time when we go out and I always get stopped and asked where I got it!

2. This is the most decadent fall dessert ever and it makes my mouth water every time I see a pic! This apple, currant + cranberry bread pudding with homemade caramel sauce is so perfect for fall and I guarantee you’ve never had anything so delicious!

3. I’m a big fan of making little parfaits at night so I can grab + go on the way to work and still have a healthy and delicious breakfast. With the cool weather here, I came up with a fall version that has spiced pumpkin, vanilla greek yogurt + maple pecan granola

4. This stuff is AMAZING! I couldn’t wait for the end of the month to share it on fave things. We got these at the Bill’s facilities this week and I can’t say enough good things. This tiny bottle has the juice of 45 cherries and whey protein to build your body back up so I’ve been loving them after my gym workouts. I HATE the taste of protein powders so this is awesome for me as the cherry juice disguises it so well.

5. Remember this fun DIY Leaf Statement Necklace from last fall?? It’s just clay + spray paint but I think it’s such a cool necklace. I wore this one to work yesterday and so many people complimented it/couldn’t believe I made it!

6. This is Sebastian right now, very upset that I am working and not paying attention to him… he makes it hard to get any work done!