My Favorite Things in August

August Fave Things

1. Nike Dry-FIT Touch Breeze Running Tank + Nike Pro Cro Compression Capris. I am obsessed with these tanks because they’re lightweight which has made them awesome for running outside in the hot weather lately. I have finally gotten the Nike Pro capris and can’t get enough, I have them in a few colors and for running +gym workouts there is no other bottoms you need!

NARS Train Bleu

2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu + Sephora Universal Lip Liner. I was actually on the hunt for one of NARS’ new lipsticks (from the Audcacious Lip collection in the color Ingrid) but it is sold out everywhere and I spotted this. It’s super intense but I LOVED it, I felt like I was channeling my inner vampire! I also used the universal lip liner, which I was surprised to find it worked. I love this because now I don’t have to buy a lip liner to match each color lipstick I get, this clear one makes it perfect for any color. Here’s what the lip pencil looked like on, you can click on the picture to view it larger!

3. American Eagle Jeggings in Indigo Wash. I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit right because I am thick in the thighs and have a big butt. Most jeans, when I find them to fit those two areas perfectly are way too big in the waist. I love these because they’re super stretchy and fit everything perfectly! 

4. Chase Rice Ignite the Night Album. I am SO into this entire album, like every single track. I have it on repeat along with #6 on this list and I cannot get enough! Favorite tracks are 5, 9,10,11 + 18.

5. OPI Nail Polish in Lincoln Park After Dark. This color is my go-to for fall, I typically don’t use any other color. It’s a deep plum/burgundy that’s so dark it’s almost black. It goes with absolutely everything!

6. Sam Hunt Between the Pines Acoustic Mixtape + X2C EP. This guy popped up on one of my iTunes radio channels and I started looking for more and can’t get enough! He only has 4 songs on his EP but I stumbled across this acoustic mixtape and LOVE it! He does his songs along with some covers (cop car, we are tonight + come over are my faves). Fun fact, he actually wrote Cop Car!

7. Crest Classic White Strips. I am very lucky to have pretty straight and white teeth but they do a little boost every few years. I have a retainer from high school for one of my front teeth on top that likes to shift a little too far forward + for a small gap in between my front two bottom teeth that I will wear if I notice that they’ve shifted a little too much. I also use one box of these white strips every 3-4 years when I notice my teeth need a little pick me up. These are the least expensive and least intense of their whitening products but luckily it’s all I need to remove the surface stains and be good to go!

8. YSL Touche Eclat Illuminator in Luminous Radiance. This stuff is the most amazing highlighter ever. It’s very expensive so it’s not something I use everyday but it’s perfect for special occasions.

9. Madden 2015. As I’ve mentioned a lot before in the past, I am a huge fan of the NCAA football game. Every year I’d get it the day it would come out and play it to death. This year there was not one to get as there were issues with licensing of player names and so I got the only football game choice there was, Madden. I haven’t been a fan in the past but after getting the hang of it I have been enjoying playing it as a substitute for NCAA.

10. Love Grown Foods Power-O’s Cereal in Chocolate. I posted this to my instagram a few weeks ago because I couldn’t wait for this list to share it with you. This is made from a mixture of garbanzo beans,  navy beans, brown rice + lentils but seriously tastes like cocoa puffs cereal. I love it for breakfast with almond milk and also keep a bag of it in my purse at all times in case I get caught out and need a nutritious snack!

11. Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm. My mom got a beauty test tube with a bunch of different samples of products and she gave me some of the items she doesn’t use. Once of them was this stuff and it is AWESOME! I like to straighten my hair because it’s the fastest way to style it but my hair is SO frizzy that I rarely wear it that way. This stuff goes in to damp hair and is heat activated and makes my hair SO smooth!

12. C&B Tealights. I use our tart warmer from Yankee Candle literally every night in the fall. We had gotten an enormous pack of tea lights from Ikea that we had been using in the past for it but they would last about 3 hours each. I tried these tea lights instead and even though they’re more expensive they are WAY better. I have been able to burn these for 3-4 nights before they burn down the wax!PSL

13. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. People are outraged that these were released so early this year but I am a big fan lol. I unlocked our store and got the first one! These things can be LOADED with calories if you order one as is so I like mine Venti size with skim milk, no whip + extra foam to be a little healthier.

14. Greek Yogurt + Chia.  I saw these at the store a few weeks ago and refused to buy them because they’re $2.99 each and I thought it would be much cheaper to make them yourself. It’s fruit juice/puree with chia seeds on the bottom and greek yogurt on top and when mixed together it’s heaven in a cup. I tried to make it myself and it was an epic fail. I don’t know if it was because I used pineapple juice and the acidity had a weird affect on the chia seeds but they didn’t expand at all. I bought one of these and they are worth the $3!

 15. Currants. I don’t know how this is possible but I have never had currants before. I was in the grocery store trying to pick some ingredients for a fall-themed bread pudding recipe and tried some of these. I couldn’t believe how much flavor is packed in to something so tiny!! 

16. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo.  My mom introduced this to me a few years ago and it is a miracle worker. What I love about this is that on the weekends I can sprinkle some powder onto my roots, give my hair a shake and it looks just like I just got out of the shower and done styling it! It’s a lifesaver if you need some extra time to sleep in the mornings or if you just aren’t feeling having to style your hair!

17. Jersey Mac Apples. This week brought the first crop of the season for these delicious apples. I’ve been using them in a few recipes already and they have me excited to do our apple picking this year!

18. Tazo Organic Chun Mee Green Tea. A couple months ago I started swapping out my after lunch coffee with green tea and I had been using Tazo’s Zen free tea because I liked the lemongrass and spearmint flavors in it. When my box ran out last week, I got this one because it’s organic and a pure green tea… it’s amazing! I’ve been trying to swap it out with my morning coffee as well and it gives me even more energy than coffee while being much gentler on my stomach!

19. Where Chefs Eat. It has taken forever to be able to get my hands on this book as it has been out of stock since Christmas time. I finally got a copy and just in time before the new one is released early next year. It takes all the famous cities in the world and lets you know where chefs like to eat. I can’t wait to try it out in NYC next week!

 20. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Snow Pink. I have been on the search for something similar to the Chanel Lip Gloss that I LOVE but is so expensive. I wanted something I didn’t mind using every day so that meant something much less expensive. These were buy one get one half off at Ulta and when I added a rewards coupon to that it meant I got 2 of those for less than $10! It’s awesome on its own and also over a nude lipstick!