Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

Back when I was just working from home, I would make huge breakfasts every day because it was also my lunch. Now that we’re up at 6:30 every morning, we have started making smaller breakfasts each morning. I should mention that by we I mean my husband, because he makes our breakfast while I’m in the shower and then we eat together when I come down before work. Recently we have been trying to come up with delicious and healthy breakfasts that we can either prep the night before or make in a hurry in the morning. I thought we had found the holy grail when we started making overnight oats (you can see more about that here) but then I discovered the amazingness of chia seeds!

I know I am late to the chia seed train, as I have been hearing about these little gems since last summer but they say better late than never right? These tiny little seeds are power-packed with nutrients! They have more antioxidants than blueberries, they’re rich in omega-3s and they absorb 12 times their weight in liquid so they help you to feel full. The cool part about these is that when added to milk overnight, almond milk in this case, they expand and turn into a pudding like consistency. This particular recipe is sweetened with truvia and vanilla extract and fruits are added to it in the morning making this vegan, dairy free and gluten free! This recipe couldn’t be easier to make, you just mix the ingredients in a jar overnight and give it a shake in the morning then add your toppings. You can drink this too so it’s perfect for on the go!

Get the recipe and see how it’s made over at Vrai Magazine!

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