My Instalife: 7/9 – 8/6

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Instalife 8:6

1. My husband and I celebrated our four year anniversary back on July 10 and these beautiful roses were waiting for my when I got home from work!

2. We’ve made a tradition of making a nice home cooked meal to celebrate our anniversaries rather than going out, and this was what we came up with for this years meal. I wanted something fairly easy it fell on a weekday this year and we both had to work. We made our restaurant steaks, with a rosemary garlic compound butter. I also made little bunches of bacon wrapped asparagus and some onion rings. I seared some scallops, following the same technique as in this post and the whole thing was so delicious!

3. The weekend after our anniversary was perfect weather so we spent a majority of it at the beach! A couple of years ago I bought a pair of little kids inflatable water wings and cut each one on a seam. We use each one as a pillow and then I made removable covers using this technique out of towels and we just slip them off and throw them in the washer! See what else we love for the beach in this post. 

4. Sebastian hates being held, he instead likes to curl up right next to your leg under the covers. This night I knew he was exhausted because he didn’t try to fight it at all while I cradled him!

5. This summer has been a hectic one and the days of sleeping in one the weekends seem like a distant memory. Or weekend last month, it was rainy and we had no plans for the day so we slept in and I decided to make some old fashioned pancakes and bacon for brunch and we curled up to watch some movies!

6. This chili used to be my dad’s go-to meal (and my favorite) back when I lived at home and it’s such a great thing to make on those busy weeknights, get the recipe here!

Instalife 8:6 2
1. Weezy is SO desperate for attention which cracks me up because she’s so spoiled with attention it’s not even funny. If I’m trying to work or eat she’ll do this until I pet her and as soon as I stop she starts right back up!

2. I got this necklace on clearance at Old Navy for under $10 and I feel like it was made for this dress! I got this dress in NYC from Top Shop a few years ago and I love the color and texture… It fits like a glove and I love how much pop the necklace adds to it!

3. We have been trying to make a lot more of our meals lately as it seemed for a while there we were never home and always eating on the go. One of my favorite things to do is prep  a bunch of veggies, proteins and dressings and then pull them out to throw together a salad when we’re in a hurry!

4. Everyone is always taking about this restaurant Cantina Loco and my husband and I finally went and tried it out a couple weeks ago. I loved the bar, stocked to the nines with tequila and the food was to die for!

5. If you want something quick and healthy for dinner or lunch (there’ll be lots of leftovers), make sure you check out my Greek quinoa salad with garlic shrimp!

6. I walked in the kitchen the other night after dinner and the sun was setting and the light through the windows hit our orchid on the kitchen table perfectly making it look even more vibrant that usual!

INstalife 8:6 3

1. My husband and I went out for a quick bite downtown during the work week last week at one of our favorite bars, the Lodge. My husband had the fried oyster po boy and we split the garlic parmesan chicken wings it was such a treat!

2. I absolutely love it when we’re sitting on the couch at night after work and I look over to see just the paws of the dogs!

3. Weezy will let me hold her swaddled in a blanket like a baby every night! She sleeps so deep that she snores away and it’s e cutest sound ever!

4. If you missed my latest post for Vrai magazine, make sure you check it out, I took some CHEAP flour sack towels and turned them into these fun tie die napkins perfect for the summer!

5. We helped out with a wedding this past weekend and it rained like crazy. Afterwards, when we were walking to our car through the woods and the rain had stopped it looked so beautiful I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture!

6. My latest favorite things list is up including this necklace and 19 other items!