Reverse Tie-Dye Tanks

Reverse Tie Dye Tanks

My little cousin had a tie-dye themed birthday party a few weeks ago for his fifth birthday. My aunt and uncle went all out, we all got to bring & tie-dye our own shirts and my aunt even made a tie-dye shirt cake. I hadn’t tie-dyed in years and was so excited with how my shirt turned out (and how easy it was!):

Tie Dye Party

After the party, I was inspired to try a reverse tie die on some old tank tops I had. Instead of putting colored dye onto a white shirt, I wanted to attempt to remove the color from a dark shirt. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work and the funny thing was the two I made each turned out completely different from one another. The black one I did with a water/bleach mix turned out with a black swirl and a somewhat white background and the blue one I did turned out with a two-toned pink look.

The cool part about this is that you can use anything, mine were two old tank tops that had some holes in it (which the tie-dye hid well) and it brought new life to them. You could use this technique on t-shirts, sheets, tea towels, etc. and it’s a lot less mess than typical tie-dye!

For the black Tie-Dye:

1. Take your shirt and lay it flat on a table.

2. Start in the middle of the shirt, pinch it and then twist so that the shirt rolls up.

3. Use rubber bands to secure the twist in the shirt.

4. In your sink (or a plastic tub in your sink, which I find easiest), mix one cup of bleach and 4 cups water.

5. Drop your shirt in and let it soak for a few hours.

6. I let mine sit overnight but it was still pretty pink instead of white, so I drained the water/bleach mixture and poured straight bleach into the container and soak it for about another hour in the morning until it was almost white.

Reverse Tie Dye from Black to White

Rinse the shirt well with hot water and then remove the rubber bands and untwist the shirt. Wash in your washing machine like normal with regular detergent and hot water.

Reverse Tie Dye

For the Pink Tie-Dye:

Follow the same steps as above to prep the shirt. For this one, I dropped with shirt into straight bleach and let sit for about 30 minutes. After that time, it looked like the second picture below. I squeezed out some of the dye, ran it under hot water and let sit for 30 more minutes until it looked like the third picture. I untwisted the shirt, ran it under hot water and washed as directed above.

Pink Tie Dye