My Favorite Things in June

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Favorite Things June

1. Apple 13 inch MacBook Air.  Ever since I did the update on my old MacBook, it was so slow I couldn’t get anything done on it and I knew it was time to upgrade. We went in about a month ago and picked this one out and got some information about Apple’s recycle program. We wanted to trade in my old MacBook, the iPad mini that my husband won last year and we never used and my old iPhone 4s. After sending them in and waiting forever for the audit process to be done, I finally got the gift cards this weekend. They paid for over half of the computer which was amazing and I am SO in love with this new computer that there are no words!

2. NARS Albatross Highlighter. This stuff is absolutely incredible. I use my beauty blender wet and do some light highlighting with this on my cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin.

3. VS PINK Seamless Yoga Sports Bra. I got this in a pink tie die pattern during the Semi Annual sale and love it. I like that these are unpadded but still offer great support and the fact that they’re seamless make them incredibly comfortable to wear. I can’t find the tie die designs online but they’re all over in store for just $8.99 now!

4. Blood Orange Pellegrino. I love this in the summer time. It’s incredible with some fresh lime wedges and even better with a splash of vodka in it!

5. PB2. This stuff will change your life! A co-worker of mine told me about this and I was very hesitant, I was wrong it’s amazing! They take 85% of the oil (and in turn the fat) out of the peanuts and make it into powdered form. You add water to the powder and make it into peanut butter and it tastes like the real thing! It only has 40 calories in 2 tbsp which makes it a fantastic alternative to the real thing!

6. Corona Light. These are a staple during the summer, we grab a six pack and throw them in the cooler for our beach days. There is seriously nothing better than one of these on the beach!

7. Thomas’ Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins. I’m so bummed that these are limited edition because they are amazing. The smell of them in the toaster will make your mouth water! I spread a little bit of PB2 on them and a drizzle of local orange honey, it’s my go-to breakfast lately.

8. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. These are hands down the best tweezers ever. The coolest part? When they become dull (maybe once a year for me), you can mail them in to Tweezerman and they will resharpen them for no charge. I have two pairs so that when I have to send one in, I have a freshly sharpened pair here!

9.  AE Longhorn Charm Necklace & Stacking Ring Set. I love this necklace so much, it goes with everything. I also love rings like these that you can wear on all different fingers, I wear some as over-the-knuckle rings and some like normal stacked. I love the mix of silver and rose gold!

10. iTunes Favorite Music for June. I haven’t downloaded too much new music since last month’s playlist. I’ve been listening to the top 50 country iTunes Radio Station and  a lot of Sam Smith.

 11. Bethany Mota for Aeropostale Ditsy Print Strappy Sundress. You might recognize this dress from my Flower Crown post, I love how it laces and ties up the back!

12. Vivino App. My best friend does PR for the J&G Grill Restaurant in the St. Regis in Mexico and she told me about this app. You can scan or look up bottles of wine and it tells you everything you need to know like what it’s rated all over the world or certain regions, the average price, notes about it and people’s personal reviews!

13. Michael Kors Zip Around iPhone Wristlet. I got this at the MK Outlet last winter and have been using it like crazy lately. It has slots for your cards, a pocket for case and a middle section that holds your iPhone. It’s nice to just have to carry something small with a strap that holds everything you’ll need for a night out.

14. Gap Chambray Shirt in ‘White Haze’. I’m so digging the denim-on-demin look and was able to snag this shirt for $10 during a big sale. I like to wear this with some demin cut offs in a darker wash, a light colored straw fedora and  #15.

15. Forever 21 Down to Earth Necklace. I saw a girl wearing this the other day while I was out and then spotted it while I was at the store. I LOVE this necklace at for just $3.60 it’s a cool piece to add to any summer look.

16. Forever21 Sleek Patent Sandals. I bought a pair of sandals similar to this last year but they were too tall and I literally can’t walk in them. I like these because they have a short heel but they make your legs look so long! I love these with jeans, with work slacks, shorts and dresses… they’re super versatile and they also come in nude.

17. AE Eyelet Open Back Tank. This shirt is awesome because it’s open in the back which makes it perfect for those hot summer nights!

18. Nike Legend Dry Fit V-Neck. I have this shirt in about 10 colors and that’s about 1/100 of how many they come in, lol. They’re perfect for working out, running and golfing plus they’re crazy comfy. They wash up really well and hold up forever, I can’t get enough of them!

19. Nike Patella Knee Band. This winter, after having all kinds of pain in my knee while running, I picked my aunt’s brain about possible solutions. She is a physical therapist and gave me some stretching ideas and also suggested getting one of these. This change everything for me, it totally solved any issues I had previously been having so I would strongly suggest it! After having done two 5Ks in the past couple of weeks, it’s been getting good use and I had to share.

20. Southern Tier Brewery Farmer’s Tan Beer. This brewery is on that is located in my hometown of Lakewood, NY. I love going there whenever we are at my parents and we are lucky enough to be able to get it at our local grocery store now here.