My Instalife 4/27 – 6/19

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Instalife 6:24

1. If you’re a little late on your spring cleaning, check out this post. It has my handy checklist and a lot of little tips & tricks I use that might get you the jumpstart you need to get it done!

2. I wrote a little bit about this in my last favorite things post, I have been on the hunt for a perfect rose wine. I found one that’s my favorite so far (Domaine de Paris Rose) but am still trying some more out… anyone have a favorite that I can try next?

3. When I’m flipping through my fashion magazines, I like to take pictures of items that I know I could make myself and then I pick one when it comes time for my designer DIYs. I had taken a picture of these cute Burberry foldover clutches and then spotted the EXACT same ones at the Aldo outlet store! I love finds like that, so easy you don’t even have to make them yourself!

4. I used to love flower crowns when I was younger and now that the whole boho look is back in style I wanted to make an obnoxiously big one.  I was planning to use real flowers but after thinking about how many I’d need (and how expensive that would be for just one day) I decided to get some nice silk ones. I will do a post on this DIY soon  Get the DIY here, I’m in love with this crown!

5. If you  missed it, make sure you check out my Rosemary Orange Gin Fizz! It’s a rosemary simple syrup mixed with gin and fresh orange juice and is such a refreshing cocktail for summer!

6. This was Weezy the morning after we got home from my parents for Memorial Day weekend. It was tough waking up and heading back to work, I was jealous that she got to stay home and nap!

6:24 2

1. The orchid in our Master Bathroom had been looking a little sad the past few months but as things start to heat up it is popping up with new blossoms like crazy! I love the vibrant colors of this orchid and they seem to be getting brighter as the weather gets hotter.

2. This was a before and after shot of our mulching for the backyard patio. You can read a little more about that and see what the whole backyard & furniture looks like in this post.

3. My absolute favorite thing to make in the summer is my Farmer’s Market Gazpacho. The fresh tomatoes mixed with all the other veggies are so flavorful and refreshing during the summer!

4. This is the bedside table that I built for our Master Bedroom. I absolutely love it because it doesn’t take up much space and it holds exactly what I need it to!

5. We tried a new restaurant for the first time down at Canalside on Lake Erie a couple of weeks ago. Everything from the scenery, to the drinks, to the food was perfection and we keep going back!

6. These little shirt cards were not only great for Father’s Day but they’re a super cute idea for that special man in your life’s birthday!

Instalife 3

1. This month’s theme for Vrai Magazine was Americana and these little Berry Mojitos were my contribution. I really loved these, not just because they so fresh and delicious but because they are SO good.

2. I turned these fresh peaches and bananas from our Farmer’s Market into these incredibly yummy smoothie popsicles.

3. In honor of National Lobster Day, follow my step-by-step tutorial on how to cook a live lobster to perfection and remove the meat like a pro!

4. I can’t believe it, but Weezy turned SIX last week! Seems like just yesterday that she was a tiny puppy just barely bigger than my husband’s hand… time really flies!

5. Here’s the finished product of the peach and banana smoothie popsicles. We made some more this week with coconut water, watermelon, kiwi and berries!

6. Last week, I got to participate in my first JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.  It’s crazy how many people were there to run and it was a beautiful night. We are doing another 5K at the stadium this weekend that I’m really excited for!