DIY Swarovski Headband

DIY headband

I have been due for a designer DIY so when my cousin sent me a picture and asked me if I could make her something similar for her prom I was excited to get moving! Above is the side-by-side comparison of the two headbands so you can see how easy it is to recreate the real thing! The Swarovski headband retails for $985 and my DIY version (with expedited shipping to my cousin) cost just $30! My cousin Carly (aside from being super sweet, athletic, beautiful, kind and smart) also has been blessed with the most insanely gorgeous hair. It’s thick and naturally curly and so when she sent me the picture I knew it was going to look incredible. I thought about sewing the gems onto a piece of mesh and then having the headband tie with ribbons but I didn’t want her to have to be fussing around with it all night and I thought it might slip around with her hair. It took me a trip to 10 different stores before I found “the perfect headband” which ended up not being so perfect as the little plastic teeth dug in a little but I think choosing this style headband is the way to go. I mixed and matched packs of gems in different shapes, sizes and finishes (some were iridescent and some were clear) to try to make the real headband. My job was easy as I just had to make the headband. Carly’s hair was done perfectly, I loved her makeup and jewelry (especially those earrings) and she looked stunning in the dress!

See many more pics of the headband and get the step-by-step DIY tutorial over at VRAI Magazine!