Instalife 4/5 – 4/26

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Instalife 4:30 2

1. I have hated olives from the time I was little but for whatever reason I LOVE tapenade, like can’t get enough of it! On the weekends lately when we’re running around doing stuff we grab some from our grocery store and eat it with toasted baguettes for dinner!

2. Hopefully you all have checked out my latest project, Vrai Magazine, and got the DIY for my gold-leafed Easter Eggs!

3. My cousin asked me to make her a headband for her prom that’s this weekend, here’s a sneak peek of it. Keep your eyes out for my next designer DIY post!

4. Sebastian was half asleep when we did this and we couldn’t believe he left these ears on until we took them off haha.

5. This was me touching up our front door mat as part of our spring cleaning routine, see more about it here and get ALL the details about spring cleaning here.

6. These fun little DIY Aztec Flower Pots are currently looking awesome in our kitchen window filled with fresh herbs!

Instalife 4:30

1. As I mentioned in the picture set above, make sure that you’re following along with my adventures over at Vrai magazine. You can find us on instagram here

2. I mentioned the tonight show on my Favorite Things list from March and I seriously think it keeps getting funnier as time goes by! This night I was literally crying watching and I hadn’t ever heard of this actor before. If you want a good laugh, check out the clip here.

3. I made this fun shirt and planned to post but it’s fallen by the way-side as I feel like there’s so much to post on and not enough time! I hadn’t used these iron-on letters since high school and I loved these flocked ones!

4. Did you get a chance to see my recipe post for Daniel Boulud’s Sea Bass? Sometimes my favorite part of a post is going through all of the photos and choosing the perfect one!

5. I am still LOVING my fuel band and what I love most about  it, is that stacked with other bracelets like these it looks like jewelry! My husband got this new bracelet for the spring and we were showing them off!

6. The Bills are replacing all the in-suite TVs as part of their renovations so they offered the “old” {one year} TVs to us employs for an incredibly discounted price, which they put towards their youth football program. This was the first TV that we ever mounted and we decided to add it to the office so I could watch TV while I worked at home! I love having it in there and I can’t wait to share the mount with you on my next favorite things list, for it being 42″ it was incredibly easy to do!!

Instalife 4:30 3

1. This was my family on Easter Sunday, you can read more about our day here. From left to right it is my brother, my niece, my dad, my mom, me and my husband!

2. Again, you can see some more pictures from the Statler Hotel from Easter in the link about but here is a shot of the chandeliers that line one of the hallways off the lobby.

3. This is one of my favorite things to do. We always have a little bit of coffee left in our pot each morning. Rather than pouring it down the drain, I freeze it into cubes and then store it in a container. When I need a little pick me up, I fill a glass with the cubes and pour in some unsweetened vanilla almond milk for the best iced coffee that doesn’t get watered down!

4. I got this necklace at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and am OBSESSED. I can’t wait to wear it with my maxis dresses for summer! Be on the lookout for this on my next favorite things list!

5. I am working every second when I am not at the Bills to finish editing this video that I shot over the weekend of the mother’s day pop-up card. I am hoping to get it uploaded in the next few days but in the meantime see the regular post for it here!

6. Sebastian always cuddles next to my husband’s leg on the couch, but it’s usually under the blanket. The other night I looked over and he was laying like this and it melted my heart!