Aztec Flower Pots

Pots with HerbsWhile my husband and I were checking out at the Dollar Store last week {last minute stuff for the niece!} I spotted these white terra cotta flower pots and snagged a few. They had this hideous flower decal on the fronts but I planned to remove them and then spruce things up a bit. We stopped and picked up some fresh potted herbs, like we do every spring, and some neon sharpies. We like to keep these potted herbs through spring & summer, and I must say that it not only saves us a ton of money but it tastes incredible! This was so easy to do, I free-handed a little aztec design and voila – it’s that easy! What I love about this project {besides the fact that it’s super cheap} is that you could decorate these any way you want, in any color and design. I planned to do all four but my husband said he liked the way they looked when all lined up so I’m going to keep the three blank. This would be a fun project to do this weekend just in time for the nice weather and you could use them for flowers, pens & pencils, anything you want! you could also design some fun looking pots and give them away for Mother’s Day!

Get the flower pots here & the sharpies here.

1. Start off by removing the decal from the pot, this is easier said than done. I scrubbed mine with hot water and soap and then used a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. This was about as much as I could get off and that’s fine, the back of the pot is facing the window & gets mostly covered by the design.

2. Start drawing on your design with a black sharpie. I just did a combination of dots and lines and shapes, this doesn’t have to be perfect!

3. Keep working your way down your pot. If you try something and it doesn’t work then just turn it into a solid band!

4. Go back through your design and color some of the white space with the neon sharpies!


Aztec Flower Pots How To

Once you’ve got your herbs potted you can:

Use the mint to make chilled cucumber & mint soup.

Use the rosemary to make rosemary rhubarb daiquiris or strawberry rosemary scones.

Use the basil to make an orange & basil mojito.

Use the parsley to make this Mediterranean grain salad.

Use the