Our Easter

Christian and I Easter

I hope that all of you who celebrate Easter had a great one this weekend. Ours was perfect, even more so because my husband and I each had Friday and Monday off from work making it a four day weekend. We had a planned on golfing for most of it, but I had a mishap with my finger and a chef’s knife last week so golfing was out. We enjoyed the weekend to the fullest, though. We shopped, ran errands, slept in, did some more spring cleaning, re-packed our golf bags, I got a new putter, we cooked and took the dogs for walks, sat out on the patio and went out to eat… it was perfection! On Sunday my parents, my brother & niece came up here for Easter brunch.

My niece, Madi, “finally” got to re-unite with Weezy… you can read a little more about the two of them here. She was upset after we took pictures outside and when I asked her what was wrong she said she was sad Weezy couldn’t be in the pictures.


We were unsure where to go for brunch this year, we’ve had some misses in the last few years so we wanted to do something new this year. We had picked one place that we enjoy going to but they were so booked so far out that the earliest we could eat was 2:30 and then they still had an hour and a half drive home. My mom ended up getting us in at the Hotel Statler instead, which we’ve gone to for the New Year’s Eve Ice Ball and also enjoy going to their Speakeasy bar. I seriously love this place, it was built in 19021 for the Pan-American Expo in Buffalo and was recently renovated and re-opened. I love the old world feel inside and the insane original chandeliers are my favorite part. This giant one in the main lobby is so big that standing under it, you can’t even get the whole thing in one shot!

Statler Hotel Lobby Chandelier

You can get a better idea of it’s size in this pic:

Statler Hotel Lobby

There’s also a hallway of smaller chandeliers and I’m obsessed with the train station style clock.

Hallway of Chandeliers

The food was amazing, we were in one of the largest ballrooms in the hotel and they literally had some of everything. I had some fritatta, eggs benedict, gorgonzola and blackberries, rosemary roasted chicken, croissant, petit fours, mimosas, antipasta and chocolate covered strawberries. Even though I just had a taste of everything I was so full and the mimosas didn’t help! Everyone had different stuff and it was all delicious… my niece was dying over the belgian waffles with mounds of whipped cream.

Madi Waffles

My husband said it back when we were in line for our third trip to the buffet, good call! I am thankful my mom picked the Statler and that they were all able to come to us, which made our weekend extend even further as we didn’t have to travel anywhere! Here is a picture of all of us, the weather was as good as it gets in April!

Family Photo Easter

How did you all celebrate your Easter? I’d love to hear all about it! Also be sure to check out the second half of the April issue of Vrai Magazine that launched this morning and get to know me a little better!