Sea Bass in Cilantro Tapioca Pistou

Sea Bass with Cilantro Pistou

We made this dish for New Year’s Eve as our big meal and I couldn’t wait to make it again once spring hit and the fava beans, sea bass and artichokes were in season. It killed me to wait this long to share this recipe but trust me it will be worth the wait as we made this again with the fresh ingredients and {as expected} it was so much better. This recipe comes from Daniel Boulud’s newest cookbook that I had been coveting and my parents got my for Christmas. We ate at Daniel on our last trip to Manhattan so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. This book is seriously stunning, every recipe looks more luxurious than the last… my favorite part was trying to recreate the plating from the book to take the picture of the dish we made above! This dish took forever to make as there are so many components {we made risotto just for the 3 garnishes on top!} but it was very much so worth the effort. The base of the this dish is a fava bean and artichoke medley surrounded by a cilantro tapioca nage. A piece of perfectly steamed sea bass brushed with a cilantro pistou sits atop the medley and is topped with lemony croquettes and shaved artichoke. I followed the recipe exactly so I will just include the recipe pages from the book and then post pictures from the process when we made it below! Remember if you click on a set of pictures you can pull up a larger view!

Boulud Recipe Page 1 Boulud Recipe Page 2

Sea Bass How To

Sea Bass How To 3

Sea Bass How To 4

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