Instalife 3/1 – 4/4

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Instalife 4:5:14

1. Sebastian has these ridiculously cute wrinkles on his forehead that I have been in love with since the day we brought him home!

2. We made my quinoa chili a couple of weeks ago and this pic was snapped while we were prepping. I added more bell peppers and a bottle of bud light this time and it was delicious. I love that recipe because it makes SO much food. We get dinner for two nights that week, lunch for a couple of days and then we freeze enough for dinner another time.

3. I put quinoa on my favorite things list from March because I found that we were using it in a lot of recipes still! We made our Kale & Quinoa Patties last weekend and I gotta say those things are incredible. Like seriously SO good, my husband asked me why we don’t make them every week!

4. I did a DIY version of the Blueprint Juice Cleanse after a weekend away at my parents and this was my first two juices from one day. The juice on the left is the pineapple, apple and mint one and it was my favorite!

5. We got these new dishes for Weezy & Sebastian and while I was trying to take pictures of them Weezy climbed right up and posed for this picture… she is such a ham!

6. We have started grocery shopping for the week on Sundays so that we don’t have to go back for anything until the following weekend. This means that on Sunday nights we make dinner by clearing out whatever we had left from the week before so that’s all that is in the fridge Monday mornings is new stuff. Last sunday we cut a chicken  breast in half, pounded them out and breaded them. We baked them in the oven and then I made a sauce with sauteed grape tomatoes, spinach, onions, fat free cream cheese and thyme. It reminded me of this dish which is one of our favorites to make!

Instalife 4:5:14 2

1. I asked if anyone else’s miniature pinscher crawls into the laundry basket every time they do the laundry and as I looked through the hashtag I counted 4 that day alone!

2. This was the sunset one day when I got home from work and this is with no filter. It looked so blue and crazy I had to snap a pick!

3. This is my no-cook overnight oatmeal and if you didn’t try it yet you really need to. It’s so easy and delicious and my husband is now obsessed with making them!

4. I got these incredible teas sent to me from the Tea CompanyIf you’re a tea lover you should definitely check them out.. they have some really cool flavors.

5. I’ve mentioned many times that Weezy is a sock thief. She’s so worried someone will take them away from her that she sleeps with them under her chin and will growl {while still half asleep} if anyone tries to get too close.

6. Some weekend nights when we are in for the night and don’t feel like cooking, we will get some specialty cheese and fruits and just snack all night long. Last weekend we had a bucheron {which  I am now obsessed with, see it on my latest Favorite Things List} and an organic 10 year sharp white cheddar.

Instalife 4:5:14 3

1. I put this on my favorite things list from March and can’t get enough!

2. I keep forgetting to post this picture of the clay jewelry dish that I made for my giveaway winner. I am loving the monogram and the lace flower detail. You can get the DIY for this project here.

3. I didn’t think I would ever get to say this but it has finally gotten warm enough to start running outside!!! I absolutely hate running inside so this is a god-send for me. This is a pic from the beach the other night on our run, with no filter!

4. You can read a little more about my Nike +FuelBand here, I am still loving it and I hit my 200,000 fuel point mark this past week.

5. I gave these burp cloths to one of my husband’s co-workers along with these self-binding receiving blankets. I loved the polka dot bows I wrapped them with and turns out his co-worker’s other daughter loves purple so she used these to do her hair!

6. I had the honor and privilege of attending Mr. Ralph Wilson’s memorial yesterday morning and I was reminded of how blessed my husband and I both are for having had the opportunity to work for his organization.