Easy Burp Cloths

diy baby shower giftI wanted to make a little something extra to go with the receiving blankets I made for my baby shower gift to one of my husband’s co-workers. I really didn’t have the time to make anything too crazy so I settled on these burp cloths that my mom always makes for shower gifts. When I tell you that these are so easy a kid could do it, I’m not kidding. If you’re a beginner on the sewing machine then this project is for you… it’s so simple! You can handmade this gift for sometime in no time and it’s something no one else will have gotten them! I stuck with the animal print theme from the blankets and found this adorable fleece. The other side of the cloths are actually reusable diapers and they are perfect because they’re made to be made a mess of and then you can just pop them in the washer! See all of my other baby/kids DIYs here.

1. You’ll need these Gerber clothe diapers for the underside of your cloths. I can’t tell from the small picture if these are the exact ones, but the ones I used were try-fold cloth diapers and they came in a 10 pack. Lay the cloth on top of the fabric you want to use right side’s facing. I don’t even bother cutting the fleece first to make this even simpler. 

2. Pin around the perimeter, leaving a gap big enough for your hand so you can flip it right side out after you sew.

3. Stitch all around the outside, except for the gap you allotted for your hand. The seams on the cloth diapers are terrible, but I tried to keep a 1/4″ seam allowance.

4. Trim the excess fleece to the size of the diaper and clip your corners {careful not to get too close that your seams rip when you push the corners out!}.

5. On the side of the burp cloth that has the hole for your hand, iron the seams down to make it easier for you to topstitch.

6. Flip the cloth right sides out, carefully push out your corners {I use a chopstick} and iron the burp cloth flat, pinning your hole shut.

how to make a burp cloth

To finish off the burp cloth, just topstitch around the whole thing as close to the edge as you can so that you catch the seams in the hole to secure it shut!

topstitched burp cloths