Self-Binding Receiving Blankets

Self Binding Receiving BlanketsAfter my last Instagram post my mom sent me a text saying that my comment about the baby quilt I was making was going to get people thinking I was pregnant. As I started putting this post together I thought ‘man people are really going to be talking now’… so I’ll start out by saying I am not, but it seems everyone around us is this spring! I am excited to be making some different things than normal and I hope this a new category of crafts is something that you guys are in to as well because I’ve got a few fun projects coming up to post on! My mom showed me these blankets a couple of months ago and I loved the simplicity of it and the cool way to self-bind. Even if you don’t want to make these receiving blankets, this technique would work for any quilt, towel, blanket, table runner, etc. so it’s definitely worth learning how to do. These particular blankets are going to my husband’s co-worker who is expecting a little girl. I thought the animal prints were too cute for words! I won’t even attempt to explain the how-to for these, as I just followed along step-by-step with this video. I’ll post the pics below of my process but trust me, it’s so much easier to just follow along with the video! My first one took a while to make as I had never tried this before, but when I tell you I whipped the second one out in 15 minutes {including cut time}, I’m not kidding! I packed these up along with some super simple burp cloths.

Self Binding Blanket How To

FInishing Blanket

NOTE: As long as your two fabrics are 10″ different in size, you can make this blanket any size you like! Play around to make it smaller or larger!