Puppy Love Valentine

Dogs with Valentine

Though this story is mostly about our dog,Weezy, I have to start by wishing Sebastian a VERY happy fourth birthday today!! My niece {Madi, who is 5} is seriously obsessed with Weezy. A little less so now that she has her own dog, Luna, but still in love none the less. When we first got Weezy {her and my niece were born the same week!} we sent out pictures to all of our family. Madi still carries the photo around with her, that is when it’s not hanging in her play kitchen!!

Madi with Picture

{Madi with her picture of Weezy last Christmas}

Because of her love of Weezy {she’s not a fan of Sebastian because she doesn’t like his name, she tells me} I sign all of her birthday, Christmas, etc. gifts to her from Weezy. She just about dies… last year she told my mom she needed new boots, so my parents got her winter boots and she made a face when she opened them like they were aliens. I bought her a Dora character {named Boots} stuffed animal on a whim and she screamed “HOW DID WEEZY KNOW??”…. turns out she needed a new Boots doll, lol.  Needless to say, her and Weezy are the best of friends so I had to make sure she got a Valentine from her this year. This “puppy love” Valentines are super easy to make, I designed and made this one in under an hour, and since I’ve uploaded the template I created for you it’s a breeze to have one made by tomorrow! The first thing you’ll need to do is print this template that I made. Click on this picture or the link underneath it to open the PDF and print the template as is {don’t scale it}. Use the 1″ tester square to make sure your template printed out the right size!

Puppy Love Valentine Template

Puppy Love Valentine Template

Cut out all of the pieces of the template and heat up a hot glue gun to start gluing your pieces. The layout is shown on the template and is pretty self explanatory:

Puppy Love How To 1

Once the whole front is put together, there will be some overlap from the ears and the tongue on the back so you’ll need to make a backing to be able to write your message on. Take the finished puppy face, trace it onto the cardstock you want for your backing and cut it out. Glue the backing onto the back of the puppy face and write your message! I waited to put the ribbon bow on until the last step so that you can write without it being off balance!

Puppy Love How To 2