Fabric Valentine’s Envelopes

Fabric Valentine's Day Envelopes

When I saw these in the February edition of Martha Stewart Living, I couldn’t wait to try them! Such an obvious idea that if you paint fabric with some mode podge to stiffen it, you can treat it just like paper to make these cute little envelopes just in time for Valentine’s Day! The coolest part is that you need so little fabric and you can use existing envelopes as your template so you can make these guys any size you like! Play around with the colors and prints on the fabrics and you’ve got a really unique way to give your cards for any holiday all-year-round!

Fabric Envelopes1. Take the cotton fabric you’ll be using, in my case here two fabric quarters, and iron them. 

2. Take an envelope that’s the size you want your fabric envelopes to be and carefully take it apart so that it lays flat. Trace the “template” onto the backside of your fabric.

3. Cut out the envelope template on both pieces of fabric, trying to cut away the line your drew since the raw edges will be showing in some parts of the envelope.

4. Place your fabric on a sheet of wax paper and paint both sides with Mode Podge {I used the matte version, I did the backsides first then flipped them over and did the fronts} and then use a clothespin to hang them to dry completely for an hour. I clipped mine on the side flaps because it does leave a little mark and I knew those two flaps would be covered.

5. Once the fabric is totally dry, use your finger or a bone folder to crease all of the flaps. There will be a little waviness and curling in the fabric at this point once the mode podge has dried, don’t worry! 

6. Cut out a piece of wax paper the same size as the paper that fits in the envelope and use hot glue to glue the flaps shut. The wax paper will keep the glue from seeping through and sticking to the other side of the envelope!

Once the glue is dry, you can set your iron to a LOW setting and place a towel over the envelope and use quick strokes to flatten the envelope out. Be careful here you’re obviously ironing over glue so it will melt if your temp is too hot or you hold it for too long. Once your envelope is flat, remove the wax paper and insert your written card!