My Favorite Things in January

January Favorite Things

I should have titled this my Christmas gifts list because almost all of the items were gifts I received for Christmas or got with money from Christmas and my birthday so I got to splurge a bit!

1. Nike+ Limited Edition Rose Gold Fuel Band SE. This thing is seriously amazing. I just finished my first month with it and I am obsessed. Not only does it look amazing {I am a sucker for rose gold} but it really pushes me to stay active and get my workouts in to hit my fuel goals! This one is sold out now but they just released the silver edition and you can get that here.

2. Jaybird BlueBuds X Bluetooth Headphones. These are admittedly very expensive for a pair of headphones but I have to say they really were life-changing as far as my runs and workouts have gone. I got the white pair and I wear them with the clip that runs it right along the back of my head and it’s like they’re not even there! The stay in place while I run and the sound quality is awesome. These are made even better for me due to how I wear my #5 on the list here!

3. NikeID Custom Free 5.0 Running Shoes. I have been needing new running shoes desperately due to the crazy mileage I put on my last pair but  really couldn’t decide if I wanted the same ones I already had {the Free 4.0s} or if I wanted to try out the newer version. After lots of research, I ordered the newer version and decided to make my own pair on Nike’s ID website so I could get the cheetah print and the colors that I wanted {you can get my design here}. They do take the full four weeks to arrive but are so worth it, it’s amazing what a new pair of good shoes can do for you I felt like I can run forever with them!

4. Hot Tools Ionic Dryer and 1.5″ 24K Curling Iron. My hair dryer kicked the bucket one morning as I was getting ready for work {perfect right?!} and so I wanted to get a real one this time. After doing a little research and hitting a perfect-timing sale at Ulta, I chose this one and I love it. I have a smaller version of this curling iron that I took the clamp off of an use it as a curling wand but I wanted a huge one so I could just curl the ends of my hair quickly on weekdays, so again using the sale at Ulta I snagged this one!

5. Nike iPhone 5S Armband. I had asked for this armband for Christmas before I got the new iPhone so I had to do some swapping to get the new one but I LOVE this armband. I wear mine on my forearm {weird I know but I’ve done it since high school} and this one is so comfortable. It fits the phone perfectly and the combination of this with the bluetooth headphones are heaven!

6. Nike Twisty Running Capris. I think the cheetah print version of these are sold out everywhere now but I have these capris in almost every color and I love them. I don’t like full length running tights so the capris are the best option for me and I love the Nike ones because they wash up so well, last forever and with fun prints like these you can’t go wrong!

7. Daniel Boulud’s My French Cuisine Cookbook. This cookbook is absolutely stunning. We had the pleasure of eating at Daniel last fall {read all about it here} and I begged my mom for this book for Christmas. The pictures are STUNNING and we’ve already made some of them, included an amazing sea bass dish we had for New Year’s Eve. I also got the Daniel’s Dish cookbook and that has some great ones from his recipes in Elle Decor!

8. Payard Desserts Cookbook. This was another book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. The desserts in here are unique and delicious {like the beet creme brulee!} and range from the easy-to-make to the exquisitely presented dishes!

9. Victoria’s Secret Silk Afterhours Pajamas. I had gotten a pair of these last year and wore them out so I was super excited when my parents got me a new set in this fun print this year. I have to say, the ones this year were much nicer quality and wash up a LOT better so I am excited about them. They just came out with some fun spring prints and colors so get them while you can!

10. UGG Chocolate Short Boots. This seems like a no-brainer but in the winter I can’t live without these. I seriously get the same exact pair over and over because I love the dark color and I prefer the short version over the tall. I wear these in to work every day and swap them for my heels to save my shoes and pants from the salt & snow!

11. Alex & Ani Bracelets. I love these because you can stack them and where as many or as little as you like. I love that they’re inexpensive and make a perfect gift because they literally have something for everyone. I have the gold versions of the Yankees, Bills and University of Miami ones!

12. Holmes Ultrasonic Humidifier. I mentioned this one in my winter tips post but had to add it to this list because it’s worked wonders for us! This is small and sleek looking so we store it under the sink in our bathroom during the day and put it on our gold console table in our bedroom at night. We keep up with the weekly maintenance {to disinfect the tank and remove any scale in the base} and it’s still working like brand new!

13. Fabolous The Soul Tape 3. I gotta say there has not been any good new music out in so long it’s driving me crazy. I have really enjoyed these mixtapes, the second one was my go-to for workouts and this newest one did not disappoint!

14. Nike Chevron Headbands. I think by now we all know my love for these headbands, I have a million of them but what I love about these are they are double the thickness and have the non-slip dots lining the inside. They had me at chevron too, and these come in a few different colors!

15. The Over App. This app allows you to put text over pictures which I’ve found helpful in sharing some easy recipes on Instagram.

16. The Cukoo’s Calling. I really enjoyed this book and had no idea until yesterday that JK Rowling was the actual author of the book!

17. Nike Fundamental Mat and Yoga Block. I read some reviews were people ripped this mat apart for being flimsy and not good for yoga, which I don’t get because it’s not meant to be a yoga mat lol. I use it along with the yoga block for stretching and it’s perfect! The other side of the mat is a dark hunter green and I like the contrasting colors!

18. Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte. I have been using this for years and it is by far the best finishing powder out there. I was in desperate need of a new one and was so happy my parents got it for me. I used color 40 Dore Translucent 3.

19. Tweezerman Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper. I have tried just about every cuticle cutter out there and have equally hated them all so I decided to splurge on this one and am so in love with it. It’s super sharp and the spring shape makes it so easy to hold!

20. The Magna Carter Holy Grail Tour. The husband and I got to see Jay Z this past Thursday and were so impressed. He put on an incredible show {we didn’t sit down or stop moving the entire time} and I have to say it was one of the best concerts we both have ever been to!