My Instalife: 1/1 – 1/10

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Instalife 1:11:14

1. My husband and I both had New Years Day off and we had such a relaxing day! We both had to work New Years Eve and we decided not to go out this year but cook a big fancy meal at home instead. We stayed in our Pjs all New year’s day, drank mimosas and I caught up on the stack of fashion magazines that I haven’t had a chance to look at since November!

2. I took a look back at 2013 and a look ahead at 2014 in this post, these flowers were from our dinner the night before!

3. We made shrimp tacos for dinner on New Years, such a simple & healthy dinner. We tossed 1/2 lb organic shrimp with some salt, pepper, a touch of olive oil and some chili powder and pan seared them. We threw it on some Ezekiel sprout grain tortillas with some arugula, avocado, sprouts, feta, onion and peppers!

4. I have been waiting for the perfect orchid to finish off our master bathroom since last summer. I found a really cool little “garden pot” with a big orchid, some succulents and a big red plant that I thought was the answer but it was just too big for the space. I found this orchid and knew it was perfect. The green color with the purple accents goes perfect in the bathroom and I love that it’s a double orchid so it’s big but so delicate that you can see through it so it doesn’t cut the counter space in half.

5. The TV that we had in our bedroom finally kicked the bucket and so we upgraded to a SONY Bravia 50″ LED last week. It’s 10″ bigger than our last TV so I was worried it would be too big on the dresser but the stand is actually smaller {it fits on the center dresser alone} and it’s so much thinner that it sits flush again the wall! You can see the whole bedroom, along with all it’s DIYs, here.

6. I went out to snap some photos for my winter home tips post and I couldn’t get over what a gorgeous day it was. We got hit with a blizzard 2 days later so it was perfect timing!

Instalife 1:11 21. This is sort of a version of my baked hash browns, that we tried out for french fries for lunch last weekend. You can find the recipe in the pic {click on the set to make them bigger} and they’re a great alternative to fried ones. I cut these 1/3″ thick and will probably make them a little thicker next time but they are so delicious and crisp!

2. This was a sneak peak at my gold letter magnets while I was painting them!

3. While we were snowed in this week {literally, the blizzard got so bad there was a travel ban}, we thought it would be nice to make a lunch that felt like spring. We made this carrot lemon risotto {a simpler version of this one} and then used the leftovers to make fried arancini balls the next evening for dinner!

4. Weezy had to get her teeth cleaned and four teeth pulled the day after the blizzard ended so I spent as much time snuggled up with her as possible beforehand!

5. This was the morning after the blizzard had ended, just after the travel ban had been lifted and we dropped Weezy off at the vet. It looked so beautiful and the sun shining through the trees was enough to make you forget how nightmarish the weather had been for the past several days!

6. Sebastian comes out of the crate every morning counting down the seconds until breakfast, he’ll sit like this until he gets fed!