Gold Letter Magnets

Gold Letter Magnets

My mom bought those plastic alphabet magnets for my niece and ever since she was little she has loved playing with them at my parent’s house. I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest and thought it was such a cool way to bring those childhood toys into adulthood! You can find a set of the whole alphabet in the kitchen accessories aisle at WalMart for 97 cents which makes this an awesome & cheap DIY. Once these plastic letters get primed and painted gold, they look like expensive metal ones. You could even paint them silver instead of gold and make a DIY version of these Pottery Barn stainless steel letter magnets

Gold Letter Magnets DIY

1. Start off by laying out the magnets right side up on a piece of plastic or cardboard in a well-ventilated area. I got four sets so we would have enough letters to spell stuff out.

2. Using short, light strokes, prime the plastic letters with a primer {I used this specific one, in satin white}. Allow 20 minutes to dry and then apply a second coat. Try to spray from all sides to ensure the sides of the magnets get coated with the primer but remember to use short & light strokes {otherwise the paint will become too heavy, drip, and come up off the plastic in chunks on your letters!

3. Once the letters have two coats of primer and are dry to the touch, move them all to ensure none of them have too much paint or are stuck to the surface you are painting on.

4. Using the same technique as with the primer, spray light a light coat of gold onto the letters again from all angles. It’s easier to do a few coats of paint to ensure that they’re completely covered than it is to do one thick coat because they won’t turn out that way.

5. Once the first coat has dried, you can apply one or two more coats {again, move them around after each coat has dried} as needed and then let dry over night.

6. If you ended up with any rough edges from paint drips, simply use a sanding block to smooth them out!

I love how fun these look on our refrigerator and I think if you had a stainless steel one they would look even more fabulous in contrast! {to get the DIY for the spice magnets on the lower half of the fridge, check out this post}

Magnets on fridge