Happy New Year!

New Year Hydrangeas

We had such a wonderful holiday and I can’t believe that it’s already 2014! This year was full of change and excitement for my husband and I.  We rang in the new year at our favorite restaurant and made resolutions to get healthier and try some new things. We started at the gym in January and in the spring, we took our first crack at running. Together we lost over 50 pounds and ran over 400 miles! We started cooking healthier, eating mostly vegetarian and I even started juicing. We were also asked to be monthly contributors to the Pro Player Insiders which gave us the opportunity to do some writing and try something out of our comfort zone. This site has grown by leaps and bounds… traffic has tripled from last year, it’s viewed in over 175 countries, was featured on MSN’s lifestyles page & Home Depot’s favorite DIY projects on Pinterest. I also got to work on projects for a few weddings this year which was intimidating but also very rewarding. We redecorated our master bedroom, our living room and our master bathroom.

In the summer, we traveled to Miami to visit my husband’s family and celebrate his brother’s nuptials. We got to visit his high school, our favorite botanical gardens, the University of Miami and enjoy time with family & friends. We spent a lot of time at our local beach, running, playing golf, working, playing outside with the dogs and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. We got to play in a tournament at my parent’s country club and I won for closest to the pin for the women!

 In the fall we spent a lot of time cooking and enjoying all the great things autumn in New York has to offer. We took a trip to Becker Farms to pick our own apples, try the seasonal beers, get fresh baked apple cider donuts and enjoy the beautiful weather. We tried some new restaurants, went on little hikes and took photos of the gorgeous foliage. My husband celebrated his 29th birthday and his best friend came to visit us from Miami.

 The last couple of months have been a sort of whirlwind and we have been enjoying every second. I started working for the Buffalo Bills again and have never been happier. We have gotten to spend lots of time with our New York family and loved going all out decorating for Christmas. The dogs are doing great, Sebastian turned 3 this February and Weezy 5 this June… they are patiently waiting for the warm weather to be back!

In the summer when we went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, there was a wish garden where you write your wish and hang it amongst all the other thousands of wishes. It was beautiful and it was such an amazing feeling standing in thousands of people’s hopes and wishes… the thing we wished for was health and happiness for our family now and always. That’s what I want most for this next year as we continue to grow, both professionally and personally. Last year was a lot of change and learning, I’m ready to take what we learned and run away with it this year!

Wish Garden